Monday, February 16, 2009

Prize, Eyes On

An article like this strikes a certain chord. Unlike me and my more billious and frankly blinded observers, Barack Obama keeps his eyes on the prize and on how to get there. Nor does he fail to notice that his idea of the prize differs from that of his opponents in fundamental ways; there's no pie in his sky.

The idea that forward motion comes finally and fundamentally from the will of the people is one that has been ignored for many years, and is clearly one that has informed his view for a long time. How novel: in the most enduring democracy in the galaxy (as far as we know), a president who sees his power and powers as deriving from those that elected him.

Why isn't that an idea Republicans, the guardians of law and family values, can get behind? Oh, yeah, I forgot. Democracy -- like bipartisanship -- only applies when you can get YOUR way.

What's that called, anyway?


Bill said...

Nice embedding! Some might say "insidious!

Seems like you got your bipartisanship in the Senate. All Dems voted with BO. Did you say "lockstep"? Three Republicans voted with the Dems.

belovedparrot said...

I happened across a blog of a right leaning person -- she was complaining that Obama doesn't have Hail to the Chief played all the time instead of something else (shows great disrespect she said), and that he's not fooling anyone by not wearing a jacket in his office and how we need an "experienced" leader during these awful times.

sigh . . .

Like Bush wearing a jacket in the office wasn't a ploy and listening to Hail to the Chief didn't stroke his ego all the time and oh yeah -- Bush wasn't "experienced" enough to be president either.

Like it wasn't our "experienced" leaders over the past decade who got us into this mess.

I'm sure these right-leaning folks find us liberals as incomprehensible as we find them, but still.

Sid Schwab said...

Well, I admit I criticized pretty much everything about Bush. Little stuff, like invading the wrong country, trashing the Constitution, polluting, ignoring science, ruining the economy, politicizing the Justice Department. Minutiae like that. So it's pretty much of a piece to criticize music and shirts.

Bill said...

"Bush ... listening to Hail to the Chief didn't stroke his ego all the time"

Well, I think that's pretty to see just by looking at him, right?

We're all waiting on BO to rescind all the Bush stuff--BO is just about to make the presidency less 3...2...1........

Wait? He didn't fix it already?

Sid Schwab said...

Bill, there was a time when you actually wrote interesting comments. We had one or two interchanges that were at least of some value above a very low baseline. Now you've just become juvenile and completely boring. Nothing added, just snark at about a second grade level. Disappointing. I wonder if there are no conservatives able to make a cogent argument about anything. Not any who read this blog, for certain. Why do you bother? What do you get out of dropping by just to be rude, and not even entertainingly?

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