Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quick! Turn To Fox "news"!

The final report of the Independent Climate Change Em@il Review has been released. To the surprise of no one except the RWS™ (and, in fairness, I have to assume that at least one or two of them have a baseline intelligence [this does not, obviously, apply to anyone in the Fox "news" lineup] to have known they were hyping thin -- if warm -- air), it found no evidence of data manipulation or of scientific weakness in the research.

6.7 Conclusions and Recommendations

39. In summary, with regard to the allegations concerning the temperature data, the conclusions of the Review Team are as follows:

Regarding data availability, there is no basis for the allegations that CRU prevented access to raw data. It was impossible for them to have done so.

Regarding data adjustments, there is no basis for the allegation that CRU made adjustments to the data which had any significant effect upon global averages and through this fabricated evidence for recent warming.

We find that CRU was unhelpful in dealing with requests for information to enable detailed replication of the CRUTEM analysis.

Crucially, we find nothing in the behaviour on the part of CRU scientists that is the subject of the allegations dealt with in this Chapter to undermine the validity of their work.

So I guess we'll be seeing a complete report on this on Fox "news" real soon. To, sort of, you know, balance their prior reporting... And while we're waiting for the report, any minute now, let's speculate how they'll reconcile their crowing that the cold winter disproved global warming with the current heat wave.

We'll be waiting.

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