Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Race To The Bottom

Disappointed that their racism claims blew up in a blue flame of edited tape, the RWS™ still want to discredit Shirley Sherrod. Surely Shirley should shrink, shrieking, from shoring her shtature after they invested so much egregious energy into the effort. So what's a bunch of evil idiots to do?

Well, of course, call upon American Spectator, that rag of the right, to up the ante, to double down on dumb. She's a liar they say, because she described a murder as a lynching when no rope was involved. Seriously. That's their argument.

This is beyond derangement. Absent any useful ideas, terrified of having to defend the ideas they do have (returning to Bush/Reagan in all things), they want to hide the ball. Distract. Shiny objects. The narrative on which they seem to have glommed is that that black guy in the white house hates white people in the blackest reaches of his black heart. And damned if they'll retreat from it, whatever the facts. The soil is out there, that much is obvious. All they need is to keep tilling it with bullshit.


Franz Drackfield said...

Franz Drackfield here, in the pre-op cubicle, IV going, shoulder painted with some iodine thing, and scared out of my mind. But I wanted to continue being first on the comments. They took away my cigarettes and my upper plate, the toupee and the Cialis is NOT working. I read your blog today, Sid and all I know is I feel that I personally am on a race to the bottom. And thank you for getting rid of that bloody glove and knife..especially for me today, that would have been over the top...oh oh, here comes the OR orderly. Holy crap...he is person of color! Well,off I go.....somebody, SeaSpray, Eugene, Sid, Hawkeye, anybody...say a simple prayer for ole Frankie. By-by until recovery room.

Anonymous said...

DrekMan...(Cures Be Upon You)...

Ever the "Bleeding Heart Liberal" I am, I am never too far from my humanity to wish well to one in pain or fear - I even felt sorry for Bush, I forget why,but I did, even though he is the most pitiless, remorseless bastard this side of Cheeny.

For Cheeny, nothing, except a desire to go to his funeral, just to be sure the bastard is dead!

But for you,Frank, get well and be comforted that there are still some people in the world who can see - even an unlikeable - human, in pain and fear, and give a shit.


SeaSpray said...

I am happy to Frank.

I hope you're up and around doing everything you enjoy ..feeling better than when you went in no time.

I had a partially torn rotator cuff once. then it healed spontaneously.

Sending prayers and good thoughts your way Frank. :)

Dr. John Baldwin said...

Frank: All kinds of good wishes from this 81 year old Hawkeye Pierce surgeon...who knows pain first hand. Push the button, inject yourself, get comfortable...even Bombay Sapphire...don't be a martyr. We miss you and applaud your disguised 1st entry on today's blog. You are our hero. Hawkeye Pierce

Anonymous said...

dam y'all i'm in y'alls heads bigger than ted kennedy's tumor . which is probly still growing, imagine if you will, a bp type cam of kennedy glioma cells dividing, spewing forth like the oilspill...
and im typin with my non dominant rt hand so blow me if u dont like the typos.
and no fancy pca for this guy, im payin cash, so i'll make do with some old fashioned generic percs and some righteous bc bud(canada does something good)
and ewwwwwwww-gene, u better stay in san diego cause when my pimp hand gets strong again...
i'll be in la last week of august,gotta get my medical marriage=juans refilled go ahead and laugh, so did tupak

we east coast gangstas dont play

did mexico wn the world cup?
all the lawn guys were doin the macarena and guvin high-cincos,when i got home...

frank, "keepin that pimp hand strong dracman

Anonymous said...

Drekman...(Curs Be Upon Him)...

"The truest characters of ignorance are vanity, and pride and arrogance"

When the wolf was at the door, and you realized your share in the mortality, that is the common lot of humanity, your bullying vanity receded and you began to whimper and beg for the concern and compassion you so proudly and arrogantly refuse to others.

Now that the danger is passed, your 'pimp' mentality reappears - lurching zombie like - and you resume sneering at the those who so lately cared; much to my amusement.

DrekMen: They are either at your throat or at your feet.


Sid Schwab said...

I'm thinking it was the preop drugs that made him more pleasant. One can only imagine how much it took.

Anonymous said...

c'mon ya know that kennedy-glioma-cam idea was funny.
maybe not as funny as barnrey frank tryin to say "sufferin suck-a-tash" but same ball park.
and im not one for keepin secrets, all i got pre op was the standard 2mg versed, 100ug fentanyl.
oh, and 2.5 mg cialis, cause if i woulda died, I want to show up in Heaven ready for bid-ness if you nowatimsayin???
realy, how many people die from a rotator cuff repair? ok, more than died in ted kennedy's oldsmobile.

time to go, got a date with a pill bottle.


Sid Schwab said...

And you have to agree my Sarah Palin strange hand thinkoff comment was funny, too.

Anonymous said...

DrekMan...(Pure's Be Upon Him)...

"I want to show up in Heaven ready for bid-ness if you nowatimsayin???"

Evidently DrekMan believes he will participate in some sort of festivus of virgins upon his demise - ala the faithful of Islam.

If it is true that he will receive 70 virgins, justice will require that they all be Catholic nuns!


P.S. 'strange hand thinkoff' - love it.

Anonymous said...

i guess thats a better name than "smegma breath"
i spent 6 months in a catholic school, which is pretty rare for a 1/2 jewish 1/2 hardshell baptist dude.
some of those nuns were pretty hot.
i know, i know, you only got lucky with the priests, i mean altar boys...
and i'd be careful poking fun of your muslim-in-chief's religion if i was you, dont blame me when the new black panther party beats you senseless with a broken pool cue.

frank "what ever happend to jfk jr?"drackman

SeaSpray said...

"I'm thinking it was the pre-op drugs that made him more pleasant. One can only imagine how much it took."


I very much needed the laugh ..too funny.


You guys... :)

Glad you're doing better Frank. :)

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