Friday, May 13, 2011

Riding The Rap

[Couple degrees of Elmore Leonard to get the connection.]

The latest fake outrage manufactured by Fox "news," repeated and retweeted by the former half-term governor and the rest of the RWS™ is so stupid -- even for them! -- that I've mostly ignored it. Since the deed was done last night, and no cops were killed, I guess I'll waste the pixels to the extent of referring readers to this post, and the excellent video within, especially the ones by Jon Stewart.

By now it's clear there's no amount of showing the dishonesty and hypocrisy and blind hatred of Sean Hannity and the rest of the Foxobeckians that will convince their followers that they're being played. Watch the videos. It says it all. Those guys over there? They'll never accept that there's a black guy in the white house, and they'll say and do anything to attack him. Since they have little of substance on which to base their venom, it's crap like this up with which they cum.

Complete and utter assholes. I can't think of a nicer way to put it. I've tried.

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