Saturday, May 7, 2011


The issue of Sarah Palin's truthfulness, or lack thereof, regarding mothership of the baby Trig has never concerned me much. That's why I'm posting this on a Saturday, mostly a time for throwaways.

There's no doubt she's a serial liar in many things (google "the odd lies of Sarah Palin." There are more links than words I have from which to hot link); and the details of her story of water-breaking in Texas, flying home to Alaska, taking her high-risk pregnancy past the hospital in Anchorage to expel her offspring in Wasilla have never made sense, even for a self-absorbed and reckless mother. But, honestly, even as one of my favorite bloggers seems to obsess over it, I've figured everyone is a little crazy about one thing or another, and never let it keep me from admiring him in other ways.

For some reason I happened to follow one of his latest links. It's an interesting analysis, by a professional digital expert, of a photo of the former half-term quitter taken after she'd announced she was seven months along. Even for a guy who doesn't care, other than the extent to which it reflects on her unrepentant lack of veracity, it's worth reading. The comments, too.

Just saying.


Anonymous said...

Seriously Sid, ANDREW SULLIVAN??
Who knows about as much about Pregnancy and Vaginas as I do about Prostrates and Peni.
Seriously, do you know I've never actually palpated a Prostrate? I've got Short fingers, which might be why I can't spell "Prostate"...just seems like there should be an "R" in there somewhere...
and I havent seen a man's P-word since that time I went to the Sauna with my Dad and his towel fell off...:( talk about bad childhood memories...
OK, I had to put in a few Foley's during my Internship, did it by feel alone, like I was blind, sort of like Instrument flying if you will...
and lets just say my hands were pretty experienced with P-words, Nome Sane???(Afro-American Slang for "Do you understand what I just said to you?"
MY own P-word thank you very much, I didn't do real well with the ladies back then, Nome Sane? Went to bed alone more than a few times...
But hey, any excuse for a nekkid pic of Demi Moore, and do yourself a favor before your Alzheimers gets to Reagan-2d-Term stage, check out "Blame it on Rio" from 1984, you know, when you could still...(age related joke redacted)which features a 20 yr old TOPLESS Demi Moore, and she's not even the hottest chick in the flick...
And I've got in on VHS if you still havent got the hang of DVDs...


PS your right, Sara Palin's an Idiot.

PPS Michelle Bachman's hot, you know she is...

PPPS Don't you have some AARP stuff to fill out?


Sid Schwab said...

I can think of a lot of words for Michele Bachmannnn, but "hot" isn't one of them.

To me, her face is the anthropomorphic embodiment of the word "screech," which is admittedly noteworthy, as that's exactly and entirely what she does.

Sili said...

Frank lives?

Not all babies are created equal. Some women manage to carry to term without they themselves knowing they're pregnant.

Wallowing in scandalmongering like this only serves to make a martyr of the celebutard.

SeaSpray said...

I think Bachman has BEAUTIFUL eyes.

Anyway, I think it depends on body frame, baby size physical shape, posture, etc.

We know Palin is athletic, thus I assume muscle toned.

She looks very pregnant/dowdy/wider to me in that pic as compared to her usual petite figure.

Demi is nekkid/side view. I've known women who didn't pop until the end. Not me ...but they do. Actually my closest friend was wearing regular clothes at 5 mos. Tight, but she wore them. Although ...after she ate ...she had to open her pants. :)And this was in 70s when clothes were more form fitting and she had been thin. I know a very petite person who said she only gained 9 pounds with her pregnancy. I cannot imagine that ...but believe her. And if I mentioned her name'd know she is a credible person... not given to exaggeration.

Is anyone even talking about Palin anymore?

I am curious to know why you believe she is a "reckless" mother?

Sid Schwab said...

Well, let's see: water breaks, gets on plane, flies to Alaska, bypasses hospital with facilities for high-risk births.... Seems I already explained that.

Kellie said...

I think that people should be most disturbed if she were in fact pregnant and had the whole "broken water, plane trips, bypassing a large facility capable of taking care of Down's syndrome infant" to deliver in Wasilla. Reading that when it supposedly happened made me say "no WAY would I want this woman to be VP". If she wasn't pregnant, that lends to a whole other can of worms. Either way, not a very stable person. (well that and quitting her governorship.)

Anonymous said...

Michele Bachmannnnnnnn... Hot? as in feverish perhaps? Yes...feverish, that works!

Her "Beautiful Eyes" are the last thing you might see, behind a razor sharp butcher knife, as this homicidal maniac plunges it into your eye.

They are the eyes of the republican in your lifeboat, as he crushes your skull with an oar to claim the remaining water for himself; after which, he eats you.

SSWoman, what do you think about Missus Palin's lies... Oh! I meant

But now that I mention it; you keep saying you will give us your opinion about the "Bull's Eyes" she twatted about, and later said she never meant to look like "Targets."


P.S. DrekMan... (if that is really you)did your eyes look (as above) when you napalmed villages in Nam?

Laura Novak said...

Dear Sid,

I just discovered your wonderful blog! Thank you for linking to me. In fact, you might enjoy today's new post.

You're welcome to join the conversation. I look forward to reading more of your blogposts. I like your writer's voice!

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