Friday, July 15, 2011


Perfect. TeabaggRs demand the debt ceiling not be raised, are perfectly happy for the US to default on its credit. But when the president suggests the real actual factual consequences, they, predictably, say he's fear mongering. Save the seniors, they demand. And the troops. And everything. When asked what they'd cut instead -- gee, who'd have guessed? -- they punt entirely.

Like the dumbed-down, magical-thinking, fact-free people who elected them, Congressional Rs can't rub two neurons together and make a spark of thought: you mean you can't cut taxes, demand spending cuts, refuse to raise the debt ceiling without causing pain? You mean we have to specify? Stop your mean meanness, you nasty nasty.

Okay, it's not laughable at all. It's pathetic. And indescribably depressing. The oldest and most successful democracy on earth, now in the hands of people demonstrably unable to govern, who don't even understand the concept. Other than in the White House, we have no government at all. These are actual elected legislators, in the halls of the Congress that were once inhabited by intelligent and even courageous leaders; and to call this bunch foolish is an insult to fools everywhere.

How could it have come to this, such thorough, such irreconcilable, such completely unbelievable incompetence? Shame on the people who elected such destructively inept blockheads. Shame on our country for producing such clueless voters. It's utterly unfathomable. Unbelievable. Unforgivable. Who needs terrorists to harm us? We're committing suicide.


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Anonymous said...

Talk about not understanding concepts...
the Muslim-in-Chief warned the Repubiklans not to "call his bluff"
Have Yew ever played poker Sid?????
And thats where my near Parkinson's expressionless face comes in handy, got it from my Dad who'll only show the hint of a faint smile at something really joyful, Bobby Thompson's Homerun(and why a South Georgia Redneck was a New York Giants fan is beyond me), Niel Armstrongs first step, that Vietnamese Monk setting himself on fire(which according to my Dad was just a drunken mishap, spun for propaganda purposes)..
Where was I? Oh yeah,
The President's bluffing, which is funny, cause usually the Non-White Races are good at bluffing, that whole "Not able to blush" thang...
Which is a total myth, just like that "Indians can't cry" one...


PS was that you sittin behind homeplate at the Mariners game last week?? the dude with the Che' tie-died t-shirt...

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