Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ultimate Irony

As I responded to a lengthy comment on this post, something occurred to me. Probably not an original thought, because it's fairly obvious. Still, the irony meter is pegged (in more than one sense of the word):

Teabaggers continuously claim sole proprietorship of patriotism and love of country. Simultaneously, led by such bright lights as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, and everyone at Fox "news" and all the rest of the RWS™, they are non-stop in their assertions that liberals hate America and are trying to destroy it. That those are their claims is irrefutable.

And yet at some level, in their threats to bring down the country over the debt ceiling, they are assuming that they can threaten to kill their hostage -- America -- and ultimately get their way for the very reason that they know liberals are, in fact, more patriotic than they are and would never let the hostage die. While calling liberals the vilest of names, they understand that it's only they -- teabaggers -- who are willing to destroy the country, hands on the trigger to get their way. They are by any definition terrorists; and they count on the fact that Democrats are not.

Amusing, isn't it? Except for the fact that it's really horrifyingly dangerous and depressing and destructive of everything we once were; and that, given teabagger anarchy and liberal conscience, there's no solution. Out of concern for our future not shared by teabaggRs, I expect Obama to throw in the towel momentarily.

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