Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Made His Mark

With the passing of Mark Hatfield -- governor of and then Senator from Oregon -- there are few if any remaining Republicans of the old school: thoughtful, moderate, a reacher across party lines. I only met him a couple of times, at my parents' house, I think. He recommended my dad, a Democrat, for a vacant federal judgeship on the Ninth Circuit, and LBJ made the nomination. Long story.

Oregon had a tradition of moderate Republicans. Tom McCall was a great governor, an environmentalist, who called the house one afternoon looking for my dad, and when I asked who was calling, said "It's the gov!!" I don't recall that his or Hatfield's party affiliation ever meant much in our home; just that they were good guys, smart, hard-working, and rational.

I miss those days. I really, really do.

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Anonymous said...

umm I'm not really sure what "Represent" means, but those crazy hippity hop kids say it, so it must be Krunk.
I mean "Phat"
and LBJ recommended MY Dad for a government position too..
Hey, Somebody had to drop Napalm on the Slopes...
and I agree, I mean when that Great Moderate Grand Kleagle, I mean Senator from West Virginny, Robert KKK Bird died, I think I actually saw my Dad's eyes tear up...
course, it could have been my Mom's special Schelesian Goulash.
or George Wallace (D-AL)who would have won the 1972 Democrat Nomination if he hadn't got shot in that extremist State of Maryland.
or Ted Kennedy, who I don't care if he did leave an innocent young hottie to drown, probably had the best hair of any Senator of the last 50 years, heck, I wouldn't dive in a nasty pond either if I had hair like that...


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