Thursday, October 20, 2011

Praise America Last

So. Let's see. We invaded Iraq, which didn't need invading, costing several thousand American lives, untold hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, and what'll end up being three trillion dollars, taking out Saddam Hussein after a few years. That, evidently, is a good thing, for which America and its then-president deserve corpulent kudos.

We don't invade Libya, do help revolutionaries there, organize and undertake the initial strategy, then get NATO to shoulder the bulk of the remaining burden while providing intelligence and other, uh, managerial and diplomatic skills, costing not a single American life and only about a billion greenbacks. Getting Gaddafi after only a few months.* In the former adventure we lost credibility by the ton in the critical Mideast and around the world. In the latter, we've been considered helpful and positive in the same region. Mostly.

Other than the fact that you wouldn't, you would think Rs might consider all this a good thing, for which President Obama, following an entirely different and undeniably more successful interventionist model than his predecessor, deserves something like, what's that word, praise.

Yeah. Right. Country first.

*And, evidently, firing the penultimate shot.

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