Monday, January 16, 2012

Bolton From The Truth

By its screaming absence, one must conclude that mention of George Bush at Republican debates is as unwelcome as a rat at a restaurant; except I guess that's sort of an insult both to rats and restaurants. Nevertheless, it's clear Rs don't want anyone to remember anything about George Bush or to associate him with them. Except in one way.

When Barack Hussein Obama got Osama bin Laden, Rs were quick to place all credit with George Bush. And just the other day, while standing at the side of Mitt Romney, who actually seems to prefer lying to telling truth, John Bolton, the neocon's dream of the perfect Secretary of State, claimed that giving Obama credit for getting Osama is the same as if Nixon had taken credit for the moon landing. The implication, of course, is that George gets the pelt -- and, by the way, that Nixon didn't try to associate himself with the moon landing like a rat seeking food at a restaurant. Wrong, and wrong.*

Republicans bank on public forgetting. Abetted by their propagandists, they'll do everything they can to wipe out our collective memories. (What better example than Romney's insistence that Obama is putting free market capitalism on trial, ignoring the Bush-era deregulation that actually did put it on trial, and it was convicted.) They'd prefer, for example, that we don't recall when Cheney/Bush, having failed to do so, announced that getting bin Laden was no longer a priority. Walked away from the effort like it was a rat at a restaurant. Likewise, they'd urge we forget that President Obama, in a move I thought a little ballsy at the time, since the Cheney/Bush attempts had come to naught (actually letting him escape at Tora Bora), announced his intention to re-focus on capturing or killing Osama. Setting himself up for failure, he nevertheless went all in. Commitment, some would call it. Leadership. Gutsy. And guess what...

Other than the fact that he's dangerous, destructive, hateful, ideologically hide-bound and trigger-happy, I don't much care what Bolton says, except for the fact that any of the R candidates would likely appoint him Secretary of State. But this little gem has been a perfect microcosm of RWS™ revisionism and delusional thinking, and their certainty that their faithful will, as usual, having been Pavloved into foaming at the mention of Obama, nibble it up like a rat at a restaurant.

* Fact is, Nixon did everything he could to bask in the glory of the moon landing, including giving out moon rocks like Halloween candy to foreign governments.

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