Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mitt's Imaginary Friend

It'll be fascinating to see, when it's general election campaign time, how -- or even if -- Romney's campaign-based-on-lies will deal with reality. In his truly despicable victory speech in Florida, he continued his literally laughable characterization of a Barack Obama that doesn't exist, that has no relation to the reality of his presidency. And whereas disconnect from reality plays happy as hell amongst teabaggRs, I find it at least conceivable that there's some flotsam in the pool that might find it discomfiting. Maybe. A few. But enough?

It's not as if there are no reasonable arguments to be made against some of Obama's policies or lack thereof. So it seems Romney has decided he really doesn't disagree much with the real Barack Obama, and therefore he has to make up a non-existent guy against whom to level his phony attacks. Might there be some point at which people would think, wait a minute?? What the fuck is he talking about? Taking orders from Europe? What is that? You mean like adopting Romneycare? Wants to destroy everything American? Like, what, the auto industry??

Honestly: I don't think I've heard Mitt Romney make an argument about Obama that has anything at all to do with what he has or hasn't done. Most tellingly of all, I cannot, from anything Romney has said, get a sense of what he wants to do for America, except this:

Like every other R candidate, Mitt Romney is undisguisedly arguing to return us exactly -- in every single way -- to the policies of George W. Bush. All he says, over and over, is that he wants to undo everything Obama has done since being elected. And there's literally nothing he'd do -- tell me where I'm wrong -- beyond that. George W. Bush: the man whose name has been expunged from Republican debates like Stalin's from Krasni Plóshad. Providing no new ideas of his own, Mitt Romney would reestablish every single condition that existed before Obama and call it a presidency. Every single part of the misguided and devastating status that led to the financial crisis under the effects of which we're still staggering: okay with Mitt.

How can it even be possible? Lying about who Obama is, while promising a return to disaster. You'd think the argument against that could be made while sleepwalking. But, given the carefully created gullibility of the Foxified and the cash pouring into SuperPACs in aliquots of millions, heaped up by the only class of people who'd benefit from such an outcome, it's anything but certain. For that's what our politics have become: lies, and money. And, deliberately distracted by the Foxian fueling of fear and hate, an electorate happily receptive to their own ruination.

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