Monday, February 13, 2012


I've said many times that Republicans have the messaging advantage because every one of their policies can be made entirely to fit on bumper stickers, whereas Democrats' require a little exposition, and assume a certain willingness to collect data and think about them.

But with respect to actual bumper-stickers, I guess it's not entirely true. My friend Dougie sent several, from which I culled a few goodies:

A little jingoistic, maybe, non unlike teabaggRs. But since they unceasingly claim Obama loves terrorists, I sort of like it anyway.

Who can deny the demographics and style of the fading teabaggers?

Pretty much true, isn't it? Starting with The Depression, continuing with Reagan's deficits and culminating with GWB's disastrous wars and trashing of the economy.


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Frank Drackman said...

Once again, nobodies commenting...
its like you have BO or something.
and I know, nobody comments on MY blog either, which isnt surprising, cause it's so secret, even I can't find it.

How bout'
"Vote DemoKKKrat, George Wallace is Dead"

and George gets a bad rap, he wasn't an actual Klan member like the Former Grand Wizard from West Virginny, Robert KKK Bird.
or leave a hot young Secretary to asphyxiate(NOT drown, there's a difference)in an Oldsmobile like You-Know-Ted-Kennedy-Who.
and when a Repubic-Klan Senator turns out to be a pedio-filing Homo, we go all Spike Lee, Do the Right Thang, and make fun of the guy till he cries and goes back to Idaho.

"Your" President killed Bin Laden?
Funny, I thought it was the Navy SEALS...


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