Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Back when I was working hard enough to feel I deserved, and could afford, a semi-extravagant vacation once in a while (I never took even half of the weeks off to which I was entitled), we went a few times to a secluded and laid-back resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was the sort of place where the occasional celebrity went, too, to avoid crowds, have some peace and quiet, figure that others there wouldn't bother them. A peaceful place with individual hales for each family, some on the beach, some on ancient ponds, most free from intruding views of their neighbors, it had no TVs or phones, but a private beach, amenities and tasty meals included. (Sadly, it's the only resort in all of Hawaii to have been hit hard enough by the recent tsunami that it's still closed.)

Whitney Houston was there on one of our visits. She was with another woman, beautiful, black, just the two of them. They were very quiet and private, but they played in the surf together and were obviously having fun, delighted in each others' company. Little kids were attracted to the pair, who played with them like kids themselves. The rest of us gave them their space.

At the time, my wife and I wondered if the two were a couple, but didn't think much about it. Now, it seems they may have been. How tragic if the real reason for her self-destruction was her inability to be public about who she was, her belief (probably realistic at the time) that if people knew, they'd reject her.

Other than that she was strikingly beautiful and gifted with a rare vocal talent, I don't know much about Whitney Houston. I don't know which I'd rather believe: that her husband was responsible for her ruination or that it was a family- and religiously-imposed sense of shame over who she was.


Frank Drackman said...

OK, this post is wierd even by my standards..
and I used to take vacations with no TV or Phones to, its called "being poor"...
now if you took the Greyhound to High-Wa-your, I'd be impressed.
and if you get turned on by Black Womens with kids, don't come to Atlanta, Nome Sane?
and yeah, we know how America just hates on Celebrity Lesbians...
and howcome Elton John(who lives in ATL BTW)hasnt killed himself yet?
Or come to Atlanta, jeez, now I'm confused.
and there must be a God, cause I take MORE weeks than I'm supposed to, so there.
and maybe she killed herself cause even in Hawaii, she couldnt get away from creepy old white men...


Frank Drackman said...

OK Sid, I know your too humiliated by sharing your fascination with lesbians to reply..
and its cool, Everyone loves Lesbians, its the Male Homosexuals who are Gross, just ask a Lesbian.
And if you read The National Enquirers Bi-Annual "Who's Gay" issue, you wouldn't have creeped Whitney out.
You'd have been like "Duh, Whitney's Gay, ISNT IT GREAT!?!?!"
and you wouldn't have given those poor kids PTSD...


Sid Schwab said...

It wasn't a matter of deciding to reply, Frankie. It was a matter of deciding to publish your comment, being even less salient and sensible than usual. If that's even possible.

Cory said...

Yup, and with continual remarks like that, I wonder why I bother to read the comments at all. I thought you were supposed to cut through the crap, Sid?

Jim said...

Cory, not to be insulting but if you find Frankie's comments that aggravating then don't read them.

I happen to enjoy both Sid and Frankie and the latter provides some humor for me, in what is generally a depressingly serous subject.

I just never get why folks complain about what is online, tv, radio and print when they can simply ignore it.

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