Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bad Ad

I hate this ad. It's not that it's false, which it isn't. It's just that with so much to criticize about policy, so important to point out the consequences of two visions, it's stupid to go this way, even when it's in response to a distortion. Especially the Swiss bank account jibe at the end. It's beneath the president. So, for the same reason, is this. It allows Rominee to profess outrage that someone is playing his own game; and it distracts from the most effective and important message President Obama has to make: pointing out what Rs are proposing, and how it differs from his own (and, except for the fortunate few, everyone else's) vision.

No doubt there's awful stuff coming from Karl Rove's and Mitt Rominee's superpacs; maybe I'm naive, but I don't think Obama has to do anything in response except lay out what's actually at stake; what happens if a Rominee/Ryan budget were to become law; what we'd be left with. And without.

Someone tell him, okay?

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Ellen Kimball said...

Sid, I linked this to Facebook through the toolbar provided. Have a splendid day, whatever you do.

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