Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Post Time

A word about timing my posts. Until recently, the only person who expressed concern about it was one I've long since given up on. In that case, I explained it to him countless times, and, as with dozens of other bizarrities he needs to believe, the truth was like water on a duck's breath. But the other day a person I care about a lot worried that I was up blogging at crazy wee hours and, presumably, slowly losing my mind.

I write posts when I feel like it, and might publish that day, or the next, or several days later. I can schedule one I write today to appear at 3:13 Christmas morning, and it will magically appear at that very time -- assuming the Mayan calendar crazies are wrong. I pick a morning time simply by changing whatever time stamp has appeared when I wrote it, to something in the early a.m. Figuring, as I do, that avid readers on the east coast are clamoring for my material to start their days, I choose numbers that'll make the post materialize before they brew their first cup. You're welcome, by the way.

So, no, I'm not losing my mind. Or, more properly stated, the extent to which I am is neither reflected in nor has anything to do with the time my posts appear. It's just me, being the considerate blogger that I am.


Wild-Ivy said...

Continuing to appreciate your blog immensely. Insightful, articulate, really funny, and now...ever so considerate! Thanks for the "like-minded" commentary with the twist of irony and absurdity that keeps me smiling and chuckling when otherwise I might completely despair.

Frank Drackman said...

Hello? is there anybody out there? Oh hey, its Dazed & Confused Frank..
So sad, this schlub you've given up on, HEY WAIT A MINUTE...
And thats the difference between your generation & mine, you looked at the former Soviet Union as an E-ternal Nuke-ular foe while mine sees it as a source of thrifty domestic labor and trendy vodkas.
And like the Gipper, if I just keep boring you to death, eventually you'll fall asleep and I can change the channel,
I mean you'll "Evolve"
But Hey, Congrats on your Party's Tit-ular Chief getting back to the position he originally proclaimed in 1996...


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