Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Really, truly: it's beyond belief that we're lining up to do this yet again. Half the country, buying the lie once more, that tax cuts will fix everything. There isn't a word big enough to describe how dumb our country has become, how easily duped by blatant lies and constant right-wing propaganda. Mystifying. Depressing. Unbelievable. Unimaginable. Suicidal.

There was a time when the US truly was exceptional: generous, inventive, leading the world in nearly all things positive. Now, it's exceptionally stupid, lazy-thinking, resorting to mysticism when reality is most difficult. And it's been deliberate: cynically manipulating the public for personal power, today's Republican party, aided and abetted by an entirely dishonest news source and media mendacity, has specifically aimed to create a critical mass of mis-educated, fact-averse, magical-thinking people, eager to be led to vote against their own interests in order to promote those of the very wealthy. Like a charm, is how it's worked.

Yeah, I sound like some left-wing crazy radical. But where am I wrong? It's only radical because it's against the tide that's washing us away. I happen to believe in democracy, and two good strong parties, and the power of capitalism (when it has a remnant of a conscience). What's going on is the opposite of that. To point it out (not me: I'm a grain of sand; but those whose voices can be heard) is to try -- desperately, probably foolishly at this late date -- to get people to notice.

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