Monday, October 22, 2012


Once again I've been watching baseball and football and not the debate. (Go Giants.) But I did wedge some online observation between channels, flipping around among about four live-blogs, read several quotes; and it sounds like Romney did what he did in the first debate: namely, disavowed pretty much everything he ever said. Like deadlines for leaving Afghanistan. Talks with Iran. I await the walk-backs from his campaign.

Unlike the first one, though, I infer Obama made it clear who knew what he was talking about, and who didn't. The one who did was our president. I did see a clip of the bayonets and horses riposte. Excellent. And by now, I've also seen several other clips.

A well-known conservative blogger said he'd never seen a candidate lie so much in a single debate. He was referring to The Rominee.

I don't doubt teabaggers will see it very differently. But once again we're left with the fundamental question: if Mitt Romney changes positions like he changes underwear, and if he disavows and denies what he'd said previously, how can anyone think they know what he'd do if president? In the debates he's one guy; on the campaign trail, someone else entirely. But on both stages, a complete and continual liar.

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