Friday, October 19, 2012

What Mitt Doesn't Want You To Know

Steadily, the economy is getting better. Measurably. You won't hear it on Fox "news," or on right-wing radio, or from teabaggRs; that's not a winning message for the Rs (especially after they've dedicated the last four years to making sure it didn't happen), and Mitt will continue to say the opposite ("we don't have to live like this"), just like he says Obama doubled the deficit, hasn't signed trade agreements, apologizes for America. He has a narrative on which he thinks he can fool enough people into voting for him, and the facts have nothing to do with it. Not to Mitt; not to those who'll vote for him.

It's not as if the economy is great. But there's no credible argument that it hasn't been improving since Obama took over. Plenty of unanswerable what-ifs: more or less stimulus, more or less of it related to tax cuts; if the auto bailout hadn't happened; if Rs hadn't voted no on every single recovery-related measure; had they not, from day one, decided their number one priority, specifically stated, was to wreck Obama's presidency. But facts are facts. Things are getting better.

If Mitt wins, he'll ride that trajectory and claim it has something to do with him. Annoying.

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