Thursday, October 18, 2012

When The Truth Is Just Another Lie

At Debate Part Deux, Mitt Romney made a point of saying that when he was governor there was a program that allowed kids who'd graduated in the top quarter of their high schools to go to state colleges tuition free. It's true, and it sounds pretty great. Except for one little detail.

In Massachusetts, so that the good governor could claim he kept taxes and tuition down, they have fees coming out of their asses. Unlike most states, college tuition in MA is only a fraction of the cost of attending, a fraction that keeps getting smaller. Since Romney took office, "tuition" has remained unchanged, while fees and other costs, like room and board (which isn't part of "fees") have skyrocketed, making college increasingly unaffordable, tuition grants notwithstanding:

So. Mitt Romney actually told the truth in one case, and it's still a lie. Knock me over with an offshore account.

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