Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fish Story

Others have said it, but it's still worth a comment: the highly-touted CEO business genius ran a very crappy campaign at the nuts and bolts level; and our never-ran-a-business president put together a team of unrivaled.

Disorganization up and down the ranks, reliance on a failed computer program, people wandering around not knowing what to do: that's the story we're hearing from numerous sources, regarding the Romney campaign. Raising the obvious question: with this sort of bumbling over a political campaign, how'd he have done trying to run a country? Which is, I'd say, a question with a pretty easy answer. Other than health care, he didn't go much of a job in MA. Taking no stand that wasn't reversible at the drop of a teabag, he didn't have much of a plan.

Reading about this stuff I learned a couple of things I hadn't known. Obama's team developed a computer program they called "Narwhal." Evidently it was a pretty effective and amazing tool for keeping track of voters and other campaign matters. The Romney folks, needing one of their own, developed "Orca," named, evidently, because Orcas eat Narwhals. Clever, other than the fact that it didn't work for shit, apparently. Which brings us to the point of this little post, namely a reader comment on Andrew Sullivan's blog, in a post called "Romney's Bureaucratic Bumbling Campaign":
Remember that the first words out of the Byron York's mouth upon witnessing his first Obama Rally in 2008 were "We're going to need a bigger boat," referencing the point in Jaws where the shark first appears. Do you remember the name of the boat they used that ended up being destroyed? It was the Orca.

[Demonstrating my mental exhaustion after the perils and paulines of the campaign, I'm providing none of my usual links. But it's all reality- and fact-based, as usual.]

[Later: Okay, okay, here's one. Later still: another.]

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