Friday, November 2, 2012

Tell Lies, Suppress The Truth

Repeat lies over and over, reinforce with propaganda, suppress the truth. It's a time-tested plan.

No, I'm not talking about the former Soviet Union, which had it down to a science. I'm talking about today's Republicans. The lies are so ubiquitous that's it's a waste of time to repeat them: they're repeated every time Mitt Romney opens his mouth. He's even re-running the "gutting welfare" ads that were laughed off the stage a while back. And continues to go with his "full-of-shit" (quoting Chrysler exec there) Jeep claim.

Suppressing truth. In a democracy, is there anything worse for a political party to do? Whether it's climate change information, or the latest analysis of their tax claims, it's their game plan. And they get away with it. "Low information voters?" How about "no information voters?"

How can anyone in their right mind, no matter how far right, who believes in democracy and the importance of an informed electorate vote for these guys? What happens if they win?

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