Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Well, that was interesting. Yesterday I participated in Huffington Post Live, an online video show they run all day long, divided into various segments which, like HuffPo itself, vary from the serious to the silly. My appearance was, by the time it happened, out of place to say the least.

My presence there came about because of my most recent column in our local paper, about the war on Christmas. HuffPo wanted to do a section on it, and somehow someone there had come across my article. So I was contacted. But by the time I got the message, it was too late for that show. Having never done an online chat of any sort, a nice lady there sent me the link to download the plugin, confirmed it was working, and invited me to participate the next day. Seems their model is to have somebody with credentials, along with a panel of regular folk. The topic was the NRA, the main guest was a lady state legislator from Tennessee, a staunch R, gun owner, member of the NRA (like Romney, a "lifetime member," which means you chose to pay enough up front to be called that. Not, as Mitt would have had us believe -- along with many other lies -- that he'd been a member his whole life).

Anyhow, as leader of the majority R caucus in her legislature, having theretofore been given an A+ rating by the NRA, she chose to oppose (while working to compromise with the NRA) legislation written by them making it illegal (as I understand it) for a homeowner to refuse to let a gun-toting person onto his property. Really. The NRA poured money into a campaign against her, and she lost her bid for reelection.

The panel of whatever it is we were consisted of me, a student at Howard University, and a lawyer from Canada. The most fun was beforehand, while Tavis Smiley was droning on and on in the previous segment, several minutes beyond our time to start. During that time we all (including the legislator) talked among ourselves, face to face, as it were, introducing ourselves, asking questions of each other. I liked it. The session itself was okay, but since I have no knowledge of the NRA other than the fact that Wayne LaPierre is a lying idiot conspiracy-monger, catering to the most paranoid wing of the gun-owning populace, I felt weird being there. Plus, I looked like a fat piece of shit.

Next time, if there is one, I'll have to mount my laptop higher, and look up. Or stick to radio.

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Chuck Sigars said...

I think it's a good sign that you've reached the advanced age of being slightly older than I am and still get pissed off when you see yourself. Never surrender. Every time I get caught by a camera, I swear to stop eating and get a haircut, which I intend to do.

As I would expect, you focused on the one interesting take-away from the incident, that the NRA leadership might be less interested in the substance of an issue than in just having one to rail against and raise money. Seems obvious in retrospect, but I appreciated how you cut through Rep. Drama Queen and got to the point.

And remember my idea of a podcast? Sounding good now?

Sid Schwab said...

Your ideas are always worth considering, Chuck.

Anonymous said...

"Wayne LaPierre is a lying idiot conspiracy-monger, catering to the most paranoid wing of the gun-owning populace"

Speaking of lying idiot conspiracy-mongers; Michele Bachmann says, of her favorite weapon: "I love' my AR-15 Bushmaster assault rifle"


(Newsflash: A MWG AR-15 90 Rounder is available online at Cabela's).

Does anyone know if that is the model she uses for all around Home Defense, Zombie Invasion, Target Practice and Hunting?

Would she also use it for occasional road rage or massacre?


SSWoman? (With a side of God's Witness please!)


GDad said...

Would such a law (making it illegal to refuse a person entry to your property because of carrying) even pass Constitutional muster?

Sid Schwab said...

The more important questions, GDad, are: where the hell you been and how the hell are you!!

GDad said...

Doing OK. Raising a teenager is time-consuming. Hope all is well.

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