Friday, February 8, 2013

Going, Postal

The above is an interesting explanation of the issues behind the Post Office's intention to stop Saturday delivery. I hadn't known that stuff.


SeaSpray said...

He is exactly right.

The post office also would like to be able to advertise on trucks or sell merchandise to bring in profit and they won't let them do that either. It's like they want them to fail.

They won't let them raise the rates and yet gas goes up. What business could successfully operate this way? So going to 5 days a week saves in gas and wear and tear on vehicles. And will eliminate overtime. I think around 2 billion - still not enough. That mandatory pension funding is killing the business.

They are also getting rid of senior postal people and hiring younger for less money. Also hiring retired postmasters for much less pay then when they worked. Creating more part time jobs. And there's talk about reducing pay on existing postal employees, but I don't know if that is across the board or in certain areas of the system only.

And just what is the government doing with all that prepaid pension money - 75 years ahead??? Sounds fishy to me. By the way - I could be wrong but I believe it was a republican congress that passed that pension bill.

They've also stopped new pension plans and younger workers have to go on social security - no longer an option. And I know in our area they closed some smaller post offices and consolidated with the larger ones. And overtime and been greatly reduced.

But is both dems and reps that don't want to vote on any cuts or raised rates, etc, because they don't want to anger their constituents. you know ..job security after all. Fed ex would be much more expensive. I don't see why they can't make money by advertising and selling items.

They are made fun of and taken for granted, but when you think of the amount of daily mail delivered daily ..even into the most remote areas and cheaper than in Europe ...the postal service really does an important job pretty well ..unless you're that person with the lost mail. If it went down (I don't see how they can let it)it would have a profoundly negative impact on our economy, millions of jobs lost, businesses hurt and I think chaos because no private company is set up to handle the volumes and out reach they do.

It would be catastrophic to our economy if the postal service collapsed.

Oh and if they do go to 5 day delivery (post office will still be open on Saturdays - just no delivery), I imagine Mondays will be a biatch with backed up mail.

Sid Schwab said...

Good to hear from you SeaSpray!

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Dr S. You know I love your writing, but I just have a hard time with content in here.

I am frustrated, alarmed, concerned, angered -(me - easy going SeaSpray),BAFFLED, suspicious, disgusted and soooooo very ready for change - beyond words. I believe the news is affecting my bp (because I listen to that (radio) more than music or tv - although I do watch. And it all feels so pointless because I feel anything I do won't matter anyway - especially in this blue state.

And some of what I said applies to republicans too.

And if I told you another level of concern I have regarding all of it.including world politics - you'd have a field day with me ..and wouldn't understand. *sigh*

But ..I did appreciate your cheerful greeting - thanks again Dr S. :)

Sid Schwab said...

Lemme guess: Benghazi. No matter how much we learn, no matter how many reams of information is given to Congress, McPOW and Graham and Ayotte will never quit. Because if we don't buy the idea that it's the worst thing that ever happened, they'll have to answer for Iraq.

And, of course, our president went all reasonable on us in his SOTU speech, that Nazi socialist middle-class opportunity lover!

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