Friday, June 21, 2013


These days there's not a lot of heartening news for anyone of whatever political persuasion. This, on the other hand, is actually something good. Actually, really good:

Exodus International started in Anaheim 37 years ago as a small ministry to help those struggling to reconcile their homosexuality with the Bible's teachings. It grew into the leading practitioner of the controversial "gay cure" movement, with 260 ministries around North America. 
While Exodus claimed to have purged thousands of people of sexual urges that tormented them, its leaders recently began expressing doubts about the mission. Last year, its president, Alan Chambers, renounced the idea that homosexuality could be "cured. 
This week, the organization abruptly announced it was closing down. Chambers offered a dramatic, public mea culpa, refuting decades of Exodus' teaching and apologizing for the "shame" and "trauma" the group had inflicted.
Good for them. That apology was full-throated and honest. And I don't think the closing was just a business decision. It's because, contra the thinking of those at the core of today's Republican party, they realized, finally, that gay isn't a choice. That it's who they are. That, if you believe in a creator, it's how they were created and, therefore, that they're part of god's family.

So, yeah. I found it really, really good news. There are people out there, despite having been bathed in fear and prejudice and other forms of mumbo and jumbo who, given enough time and evidence, are still capable of rising above it, seeing the light, and doing what's right.

In an otherwise mostly hopeless world, it's a start; and a very welcome one, indeed.

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