Friday, July 5, 2013

More Evidence Of No Evidence

It's been apparent for weeks that the IRS non-scandal was, in fact, a non-scandal. Given their cynical and dishonest flogging of it, we can excuse Rs for not admitting it until the evidence was overwhelming. (On the other hand, speaking of denialism in the face of overwhelming evidence, it sure is hot out there...)

A pair of Republican lawmakers told The New York Times in a story published Thursday that the Internal Revenue Service scandal that rocked the agency may not have been politically motivated as previously thought. 
The Times detailed how the agency's scrutiny of organizations that applied for tax-exempt status was more complicated than it originally seemed, building on previous reports showing that the IRS didn't just single out conservative and tea party groups.
Well, I suppose "excuse" is the wrong word. Understand, maybe: it's what they do. It's what politicians do when they have no real or useful ideas. Of all the egregious mendacity circling around the IRS bullshit, like matter in a clogged toilet, Mitch "If anyone else says I look like a turtle I'm gonna pull my head into my shell" McConnell's claim that it was a violation of free speech is the most disgusting. I'm pretty sure he's not dumb enough (although he's pretty fricking dumb) actually to believe that efforts to ensure that tax exemptions comply with the law are a free speech issue.

So, per usual, but sunk to an even lower level than they usually go, it's yet another attempt by a R leader, based on contempt for the intelligence of his audience, to gin up false outrage as a distraction from their essential vacuity. It's the clearest of windows into who they are, these so-called leaders of the so-called conservative party. And, having looked in, one can only look away. The only question is whether their intended audience, perpetually Foxified, will ever notice what's going on.

Extrapolating from historical and current data, the answer is "no."

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