Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Not Fking Implemented

Ted Cruz was on Meet The Press Sunday. Among the nonstop idiocy was this: "The American people overwhelmingly reject ObamaCare,” Cruz said. “They understand it’s not working.

No. They don't understand. It's not fking implemented!!! Other than a few things that, clearly are working -- namely allowing young people to stay on parents' insurance, and preventing refusal of coverage because of preexisting conditions -- IT'S NOT YET FKING IMPLEMENTED!!! It's not that it's not working.


Everyone knows (everyone aware of how things work) implementation will be messy, and, no doubt will require fixes. But how 'bout we give it a shot? It's the law. It passed. Romney, who ran on ending it, was defeated. Soundly. If it's as bad as Republican lies, it'll deserve to die a quick death. But, since it's settled law, an honest attempt to fix major problems with access to health care for millions of Americans, let's see, okay? Because, in case you haven't noticed,


We are become a nation of idiots, happily manipulated by dishonest and self-interested plutocrats, unable to separate the wheat of truth from the chaff of Foxolimbeckified falsehood. Not just unable. Unwilling. Uninterested. Uncaring. Embubbled by choice. Because it's easier than thinking; more comfortable than facing the world. 

Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin: each end of the teabagging spectrum. One smart, one stupid. One a deliberate liar, the other happily clueless (and, of course, because it's a requirement, a deliberate liar). Each lionized by their supporters for those very characteristics: telling them want they want to hear, enabling their believing what they prefer to believe because truth is too darn disturbing. If god wanted people to have health care, well, he'd have given them.... wait! Obamacare?

[Amusing side-note concerning those teabaggingly strange bedfellows: Sarah Palin loves to deride those East Coast Ivy League snotty smart people; Ted Cruz might be the height of the stereotype. While at Harvard Law, he organized study groups and would only allow graduates of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Not those "lesser" Ivies; and not, horror of horrors, any non-Ivies!]

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