Friday, October 4, 2013

Real People

Over at Fox, where they've referred to it as "The Slimdown," Sean Hannity said the shutdown doesn't bother him because it doesn't affect him. Out there in the world, populated by actual people, the sort that congressional Rs and Fox and teabaggers don't care, or, likely, don't even know about, there are stories. And stories. And stories...
Yup, I’m a federal employee who was furloughed.  And because of it, I can’t afford to keep paying my husband’s home health aid (he’s a 30-year paraplegic and 4-year stroke survivor).  Not only will I be home to tend him, but I won’t have the income to pay this good, hard-working young lady.  And because she has lost HER income, she will have to let go her child’s babysitter.
We're in the grip of a wave of hateful and blind selfishness in this country; people justifying their unwillingness to pay for anything other than what they, shortsightedly, consider only their personal concerns, by listening to Fox "news" and having that narrowness reinforced by lies. Or, at best, unfair focus on the small number of abusers of social programs compared to those truly in need. 

These are awful people. They're well on their way to running it for everyone; happily, obstinately, for the politics of personal and party power.

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