Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trends In Research

Brain Trust


A nice lady sent me the above. I find it sobering, because although the US is clearly still a world leader in research, the priorities are being skewed toward military applications, and the total amount spent on research -- especially in areas of civilian import, compared to less wealthy nations -- seems far too little. And, if the projections are accurate, we'll be falling further behind China in the near future.

This, to me, is teabaggerism at its most short sighted; although, by definition, teabaggerism and shortsightedness are one and the same. Having been given excuses for selfishness, scapegoats to blame, and nonstop propagandists to reinforce their self-defeating and misplaced priorities, teabaggers, convinced by their behind-the-curtain wealthy patrons to act against their own self-interest, happily support the redirecting our resources away from the future of their own kids. Those proclaimers of American "exceptionalism" are putting us on the path to mediocrity. At best.

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