Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wish I'd Said That...

My favorite political writer, Charles P. Pierce (CPP, I'm told, is the correct shorthand) has done it again. Writing about that fraudulent faker of a fact-free fraud, Paul Ryan, who evidently flunked arithmetic but whose persona as the budget guy among teabaggRs is as undead as Ronald Reagan's mythology, had this to say, in conclusion to a long piece:

So here's my question. All those years when my money and the money of millions of other Americans were helping this already well-off young man hold body and soul together while he went through college, how come his incentive wasn't damaged by all the taking he was doing? How come he wasn't crippled by "dependency"? How come his work ethic survived long enough to guarantee that he would never draw anything but a government salary for the rest of his life? How come, as a congressman, on my dime, he hasn't felt the slow, stultifying hand of government strangling his individual initiative? How come the only people all this quasi-mystical horse-pucky applies to are the people too poor for Paul Ryan's party to care about? If I do nothing for the rest of my career here than point out what a complete fake this guy is, while embarrassing the fatheads who still take him seriously, I will die a happy blogger.

As CPP suggests, being the designated genius in a body that contains such wunderkinder as Louis Gohmert and Michele Bachmann is no great accolade. But to see through him takes a moment's reflection, a bit of math, and the remembering of budget outcomes of R policies since Ronald the Forgetful. Given the laziness and fawnitude of our so-called political reporters nowadays, it doesn't happen.

Nor, of course, would it make any difference to teabaggers, they of reality-avoidance as lifestyle, if it did.

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