Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Evolution Of Politics

It's increasingly clear that today's Republican party is the party of science denial. Thing is, for them it's a feature, not a bug: and some are saying it quite clearly:

Robert Knight is a senior fellow/executive director at the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times. He isn't surprised at the results. 
"Evolution is at the core of a left-wing, secular, humanist worldview that has been breathing down everybody's necks in America for years [and telling us that] the best we can do is empower government to make our decisions for us," he offers. "That leads to terrible things like socialism and communism and fascism and Nazism and the more extreme forms of liberalism in this country." 
The political commentator is encouraged that more Republicans reject the concept – and believes it could bode well for the GOP at election time later this year. 
"The Republicans have a great opportunity to say Look, we've witnessed the collapse of a lot of lies that liberals have told over the years, and now we're questioning evolution more than ever as a basis for people's worldviews," Knight suggests. "So the dynamics are fascinating – and I think they could add up to an enormous conservative revival in this country."
In other words, given their success so far in dumbing down their chosen electorate, the future is looking ever brighter for them; playing the dumb card is going to pay ever greater dividends. And here's the thing. Given the level of credulity and desire for denialism of teabagging Foxophiles, the guy is absolutely 100% right.

America, we hardly knew ye. Before you threw in the towel.

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