Thursday, May 1, 2014

More Reasons To Hate

The stuff in the previous post is, of course, small potatoes. Unless it works, and gets a Republican senate majority. This stuff, about which I've railed for mostly ever and which, as usual, Charles P Pierce does much better than me, is big and starchy, though:

Of all the examples of conservatives and their vandalism that we've seen since the inauguration of the Kenyan Usurper, their performance on infrastructure repair is the most delicate mixture of negligence and hypocrisy that they yet have produced. Everybody in Congress knows that the country is falling apart. Hell, everybody who drives knows the country is falling apart. (There have been landslides in Baltimore and in Yonkers over the last few days because it rained really hard.) Everybody in Washington knows that a massive infrastructure improvement program would stimulate the economy and provide thousands of jobs. And to talk about repairing our existing infrastructure is not even to mention the necessity of improving that infrastructure to cope with the continuing challenges presented by the Great Climate Change Hoax, which adds a soupcon of anti-intellectualism to the steaming cauldron of Stupid. Consequently, everybody in Washington knows the bill is going nowhere, so nobody pays attention to it, and the actual problem thereby gets shoved under the rug again until a sinkhole in Council Bluffs swallows a busload of nuns.
The last thing Congressional Rs want is economic recovery, because Obama. Screw us all. It's not about us or our future; it's about them, and their present(s). The second to last thing they want is to raise the revenue to pay for anything; and the first thing they do want is lower taxes on themselves and their rich friends and corporate sponsors, at the expense of everything everyone besides them needs.

Is there a word stronger than "hate"?

If so, might it also apply to the Congressional R view of everyone outside their inner circle?

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