Tuesday, July 15, 2014


So here's one right-wing religious icon and phony historian who may have decided if he looks stupid to deny climate change, he may as well use it to his advantage:

David Barton appeared on TBN's "Praise The Lord" program last week where he warned that America is going to suffer the wrath of God for not properly supporting Israel because "any time you go after the Jews, God comes after you." ...
... Countries like the United States that are not siding with Israel will suffer the consequences, he warned, as God strikes this nation with extreme weather, droughts, productivity declines, and agricultural disasters...

Gotta love it. I mean, is there a safer proclamation? For yea, ifeth not America doest become not Christian, lo will the lord bring forth upon us in winter crystalized skyfall yet also in spring will vegetation come forth and cover the land. And if it befalls that my words prove false, I'm dyin'.

Well, whatever it takes to get the idiots on board.

Oh. Yeah. It means it's the hand of god, not carbon emissions. My bad. You just can't win with these guys. Any of them.

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