Friday, September 19, 2014

The Voice Of Experience And Reason

Can't embed the video for some reason, so follow this link to watch Bill Clinton on The Daily Show. To me, it's beyond impressive. Sensible. Thoughtful. Deep. And elevating.

If only our screamers on the right were able to think in this way. This is the exact opposite of the bilge poured onto its viewers every day by Fox "news" and their co-conspirators on the radio. Not to mention virtually every elected R official in Congress and, for the most part, across the land.

Until our national conversations are like the above, and not like the vapors emitted from Lindsey Grahamoids and the people who elect and admire him, the future prospects for this country, and the world, are depressingly dim.

I'll refrain from comparing Clinton's post-presidency to that of that other guy, the one who spends his time painting pictures of his feet in a bathtub. (And, yes, I was thinking that long before J.S. brought it up at the very end.)

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