Saturday, February 28, 2015


This has been around, so I assume most readers will have seen it already, but it's nice. I remember my grandmother, Gammy, holding her hands that way, and my mom, too, when blessing the Sabbath candles. I vaguely remember asking why, and the answer had something to do with the need to shield from looking directly at the candles, for reasons, I suppose, similar to those about which Nimoy spoke. And I was aware, from the beginning, that the Vulcan salute was the same as that Jewish symbolism.

Even as I find them quaint at best, I feel some sort of generational connection to those traditions, and a sort of pride, or satisfaction, or whatever it is, for that connection.

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Juan el Bombero said...

First Officer Spock - Dif-tor heh smusma. He was Everyman, struggling with inner conflicts as both human and Vulcan. I loved the show and his character. COPD, what a fkn horrible way to die.

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