Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Wealth Runs Dry

Looks like there are limits to the latest right-wing scam: if you want to make money online after doing something egregious, like shooting a black guy if you're a cop, you need to look both ways before pulling the trigger. Because if you're being filmed, and if the video shows you were flat out lying, even the fundie funders may balk. Hard as that is to believe.

As long as there's no evidence, I'm sure you're still good to go. And if you want to refuse service to gays, the big bucks will still roll in. Don't know why the florist only made $150K while the pizza joint hauled in $840K, but it's a good gig either way.

One can hardly imagine how much Darren Wilson would have raked in, had he also been in the pizza shop/bakery/florist business.

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