Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Poor Timing, Bad Hand-Eye Coordination

Glenn "They're gonna kill me" Beck credits God and Rick Perry, not necessarily in that order, for ending the Texas drought by sending killer floods.
Glenn Beck returned from vacation today and noted that upon his return flight back to Texas, he was astonished to see the extent of the flooding that devastated large parts of the state during his absence. After co-host Stu Burguiere mocked the idea that the flooding, or the preceding drought, could in any way be attributed to climate change, Beck noted that it was actually former Gov. Rick Perry's 2011 prayer proclamation that ended Texas' drought... 
So He dithered for a few years (admittedly a blink of an eye in God-years), allowing more misery till he could get around to it, probably attending to a certain amount of smiting somewhere else, likely over gay marriage, or maybe helping some high school team win a championship, and eventually got on the ball by killing a bunch of people and wiping out the belongings of countless others; but halle-the-fk-lujah, right?

I dunno. If Beck's right, God isn't all that good at microsurgery, which raises obvious questions in my mind. Flooding the whole world in the good old days wasn't exactly precision work. I think he needs more time in the simulator.

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