Thursday, June 4, 2015

Voices From Under The Bed

Well, as I've said, Lindsey "some of us will have to go but not me" Graham is running on the promise of war, based on scaring the shit out of people. Which is probably a winning message to about half the population, especially the America-fuck-yeah crowd who've never been in a war (I have) and who never will. Nor their kids.

His is sort of the reverse and perverse Underpants Gnome scenario: Phase 1, ISIS exists; Phase 2, (?); Phase 3, we all die. Someone needs to get him to fill in the parentheses. They won't. He can't.

The operative words are "don't vote for me." I wonder how many will take his advice. Because it's a lot easier to sit there with a figurative (and, quite possibly literal) hard-on for kicking some ass than it is to do it, and make it stick. Peace and jubilee will prevail, they'll love us, and become our BFFs. Oh sure, it hasn't worked yet, every time we've tried. But, hey, why not? This time it will.

For sure.

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