Friday, January 15, 2016

Heeeeeere's Donny


Smoothtooperate said...

This is the first election that every candidate(and ex candidates)use/used social media.

That ties in with all the great apps and programs to make your own movies. AKA: It's free to attack your opponent and broadcast it to the world using creepy images like grandma base jumping without a parachute.

People are worried about how horrible politics are these days. That this is a new kinda mean. Meh, I think they are 1/2 right. Specifically the part about "new normal". "The new normal" happens every second of every day. Been that way since time began...*clears throat* 6000 years ago.(these people are killin' me, killin' me...)

I think politics has always been the nastiest of professions. The "new" part is that everyone hears it. Even if you are not political and never have been. You can't see what your kids are up to on FB w/o flashing by "Do you support Obama" click bait.

In (1979), "old timey days" as my kids call them, you could freely roam the Earth and never run into anyone who's part of politics. We watched Walter on the tube for a 1/2 hour a weeknight and then nothing. I never saw any national politicians who were running and did "The talk show circuit" growing up.

Naw, politics are as mean as ever, I assure everyone of that. The difference is that you can't avoid the fray. We've never heard or seen exactly what politics is 24/7/365. We knew it was sketchy, but who knew it was this sketchy? Well, we all know now. America is one racist, bigoted, fear mongering crumbling has been, 2nd class clump of dirt. It is what it is. Wave the flag, toot your horn and berate your fellow American (me) for saying what I just said. The truth hurts folks...and bye the way, it would prove my point.

Everyone wants to "Make America Great Again". So we all agree this sucks? Hey, it's a nice start. In A.A. the "big book" says something about recognition being the first step. The 2nd step is "a higher power" something something...So in a nut shell...Even alkies and addicts know it's about ones self first, not "God" or "country".

Smoothtooperate said...

Soooo...My observations tell me that things were far far worse than they are today. It's that we never heard about it. Now? You fart in D.C. and less than a second later we smell it in Tacoma. I am pretty sure that's where that smell comes from.

The problem politicians are having with Trump? Trump ain't fakin' it. He flat doesn't give a shit. If you want him to be POTUS? OK...If ya don't? He goes back to making billions off of Americans backs with even more influence than he had when he started to campaign. Politicians want to be POTUS really really bad. So bad that they will fake it 24/7/365 if they have to. Politicians feel like they must fake it to win. Poll test every syllable, every second, daily, day after day, for 40 years or whatever. Trump just says it how he feels like saying it. He ain't faking it. Now, don't get me wrong, we all know there's empty promises, but that's a whole other deal. Empty promises is politics. Selling access is corrupt. Two different things.

So we as Americans have set the bar very low. We just want someone who won't take it all from us. Don't promise us prosperity as they all steal Americas money and send it over seas.

Enter Bernie Sanders. He don't give a shit either. The difference is that Bernie has been saying the same thing since birth...OK...Age 2 when he could string a three word sentence together. That said...Even at 2 years old...Dirt was 6 years away from being invented. He's been saying the same thing his entire life. That's credibility and America is thirsty for genuine credibility. OH!...I also mean America doesn't care who is the messenger. Don't believe me? I got two words for you Trump/Sanders.

So why will Bernie win and Trump lose? (yes, it's Bernie vs. Trump and his VP daughter running mate. His toupee would be VP. But we all know it was made by an 8 year old child in China, thus disqualifying the toupee from holding the seat. I am bummed too. It would have been awesome. Especially if Trump died in office! It'd be like that Super Chicken episode. If you've ever asked the question "Where the hell did Trump come from? Does he have a mother?" I sent my people to a place just outside Pittsburgh PA. Here's the answer you've waited your entire life for. Brace yourselves, it's 'shocking'.

Bernie will win because it's his time. The POTUS that wins is usually the right person (white guy) at the right time in history. Trumps time has come, but only because his opponents are of the Sarah Palin ilk. Trumps "I am rich, and I am you" is only going to go so far. Can anyone guess why? the same reason "I am not a witch, I am you" didn't work. It makes no sense, and even if it did make sense? That'd be worse!(see political ad above). So Trump loses in a spanking not seen in a long time, if ever. Bernies' credibility will make Trump and the toupee a POTUS/VP partnership buried in history among all the other losers.

Larry Simoneaux said...


One of the most succinct, on point, eloquent, and cogent dissertations I've ever read on the current political situation. Bravo!

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

Dr Strangelove said...

I agree with Larry.

@Smooth: If you had your own blog with material like this, it would definitely be one of my daily must-reads.

Smoothtooperate said...

Thanks guys, very kind of you!...

You are embarrassing

It's always good to see you Larry. I am really flattered. Anyone who pays attention and cares about politics who compliments me is pretty humbling.

Thanks to Larry and the good Drs. I really appreciate the kind words.

10 years ago I was practically illiterate, so it really means alot to me! I have learned from all of you guys. So thanks for that as well. You all inspire me to do better.

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