Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Leave It To Democrats To Blow It

I wish I could believe that Democrats won't, yet again, screw things up for themselves. Maybe I should stop reading Daily Kos.

I hope what I read online isn't reflective of enough liberals to blow the election: Hillary supporters sniping at Bernie's; and vice versa. Celebrities sounding like idiots, like they have no idea of the existential importance of keeping the White House; about the need for enough Democrats to turn out to vote Ds in and Rs out of the Senate. The House, too, were it possible, but it's probably not.

I worry that Bernie supporters, who seem mostly to be young, won't show up if he doesn't get the nomination. (My guess is that, Susan Sarandon aside, most Hillary supporters would still vote for Bernie. I hope so.) I'd hope they'd listen to what Bernie said because it's undeniably true. I'm not convinced they will.

During my political life I've seen Democrats blow it time and again; mainly because the "party," if it really is one at all, is a loose collection of single-issue voters who can't seem to see past their own particular concerns. I guess that's what happens when you're for stuff instead of against it. If Republican voters have differing interests, too, they're united (since the advent of right-wing media dominance, anyway) in what they're against, and it seems that's what motivates their voting: against homosexuals, against immigrants, against non-Christians (or some Christians) telling them this country isn't a Christian nation, against paying taxes that support anything but their own needs, and tanks.

Democrats, from where I sit, usually vote based on what they're for: education, alternative energy, equal rights, women's rights. And they tend to dismiss candidates who aren't as monomaniacal as they toward whichever of the cafeteria choices are on their plates. They'd vote for the Ralph Nader of their particular cause, even if it means losing. Based on history, and on what I read here and there, that's what I fear.

Either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would be disastrous for our country and our species. That anyone who considers him- or herself thoughtful and world-aware would not vote, or would vote for a third party, or, out of spite, for T or C if his/her candidate doesn't get the Democratic nomination is shocking; and nearly as frightening as the prospects of Rs controlling all branches of government.

Sorry to tell you, Ms. Sarandon: if Trump were elected, whatever "revolution" he caused would be too damn late.

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Paul Wartenberg said...

I concur.

I've seen too many times the results at the state level here in Florida where we were clearly going up against a crooked Republican in Rick "No Ethics" Scott, and yet the Democratic voter turnout was dismal all because the "purity" dreamers refused to show up for more centrist candidates in Sink and Crist.

The only thing that stops me from openly celebrating the pending loss of Donald Trump in a 60-to-38 percent Popular vote and 464-to-74 Electoral College drubbing is the realization enough angry Leftist Dems will refuse to show up and stop Trump (and the Republican Senate/House). (well that at the voter suppression efforts, but I doubt even the Republicans can pull off enough numbers to shut down that many voters)

Smoothtooperate said...

If Trump is nominated. The dems. nomination will win....eeeeebuleeee...In a landslide.

If you lose the girls, you are cooked. Trump lost the ladies. Girls to the rescue! (again)

thanks :o)

...are their any of those cookies left?

Mike Thompson said...

Ah, you've gotten me Irish dander up about this subject. Too many times have I voted for the lesser of the evils by supporting the party ticket, only to see them cuddle with the likes of Boeing, while fattening their purses (ie the "Mom in tennis shoes" and others whose bottom lines have increased dramatically since their "selfless dedication to their constituents" HORSESHIT! (geshundheit)
In Sanders, we have an honest man, supported by real folks that are tired of being fucked around, by the status quo. And now, when he is starting to threaten all that is holy, we're being told to play nice and support her highness of the same old shit. You want a revolution? You've got one! Fuck em all and the horses they rode up on!
At 75 this may be my last rodeo, and I'll be damned if I'm going to vote for a bunch of corporate lackeys. I'm voting my conscience - let the RNC handle Trump, they've earned it.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Worst nightmare. I support Hillary; a singularly unpopular choice amongst my mostly Feel the Bern friends. They are getting mean about it -- there is a constant refrain about her dishonesty and Wall Street sell-out tendencies. They are convincing themselves she is as evil as Trump. Troubling. I will work my tail off for whomever the Dem nominee is, but I wonder if others will do the same. Self-righteousness can be a "shoot yourself in the foot" stance to take sometimes. dw

Sidney Schwab said...

I totally understand, Mike, and agree. It's just that I think this time around, it's really true: this election would have enormous consequences were Trump or Cruz to become president. So enormous that a non-vote, or a third-party vote, or a vote for either of those two would not only set back progress it lots of significant areas, but it'd mean ignoring climate change beyond the point of no return, I think.

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