Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Man Of The People

Donald Trump has spoken out against lobbyists and larding up legislation with porkosity that enriches the legislators and lobbyists and their clients at the expense of taxpayers. Sounds like a winning argument.

Other than the fact that it appears he's avoided paying taxes for most years, leaving taxpayers to pay for those things he uses: roads, police, the military, post office... And what about that $30 million tax bill he owed the state of New Jersey, reduced by pal Chris Christie, to $5 mill. Who's on the hook for the rest?

Yeah, he's a populist, all right, always looking out for us taxpayers. I'm gonna guess right-wing media aren't gonna take him on over the hypocrisy, though. Let's hope Hillary does.

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Ray said...

Yes Trump has sure given America the business alright! Seems he pays for nothing not even taxes!

dan said...

Curious that when asked, so many Trump supporters actually say they don't think Trump can really change very much, but at least he's talking about what concerns them.
Talk about poverty of low expectations

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