Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Oh God

I know I should just let stuff like this go, but, given the ever-increasing influence of religion on our politics, I can't. So when I see calls for prayer after tragedy, it drives me nuts. How about actual action, I think. How about praying for god to keep this sort of shit from happening in the first place, if you believe prayer works in some way.

So there was a horrible incident of a woman accidentally killed by a cop in a demonstration of police work. Totally sad, for everyone. Beyond sad, for everyone.

“Our entire police department and all of our city leaders are absolutely devastated for everyone involved in this unimaginable event,” Lewis said. “I am asking that if you pray, you pray for Mary’s husband and family and for all of the officers and witnesses involved in this incident.”
They're all hurting. I understand. I don't know how I'd deal with it if I'd been part of it. Somehow, though, asking for prayer is a little like rushing to defend Donald Trump when he suggested "second amendment people" could deal with a Hillary Clinton win. At some point you just gotta stop defending the guy, expecting something different, on Earth or as it is in heaven.

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Smoothtooperate said...

It's called "Testalying"...

It's all propaganda. They orchestrate and cover for eachother every single day. It's a culture.

That report came out today and the cops are ummmmm...Unprofessional. That these cops are a...Umm, "liability."

That's about as nice as I can be.

If it's only "A few bad cops". Then why is a city like L.A. a cesspool for cop misconduct? There's like a few thousand cops in L.A. Yet 6 cruisers and 6+ cops kicking the crap outta Rodney King. By the time it was over, there was a swarm of cops and cruisers. Not a single cop testified against the perps(cops). They blamed it on Rodney King and the cops got off. No convictions at all for the cops. "Testalying"...

It's not "A few bad cops" It's a systemic issue. Cops are nothing more than an occupying force of 10's of thousands cops. That's how many cops are "bad cops". Any one cop that lied for another cop is a bad cop. A cop that sees something, yet never reports it. They are a bad cop as well...etc. The cops call that being an accomplice and withholding evidence, perjury, conduct unbecoming and so on.

Don't blow sunshine up my skirt. The cops will never change. It's been baked into the cop culture since there was a single cop.

dan said...

There needs to be A LOT more civilian involvement with oversight of police, I.e., accountability.
People getting pulled over 30-40 times over a3-4 year period without charges is not keeping us safe.
Its lazy profiling that seems pretty ineffective in actually reducing crime.
Although in Ferguson, MO it did raise a lot of revenue y what the US Justice department described as a "shakedown" of its own citizens .
That kind of stuff should only be found in the movies

Smoothtooperate said...

Just my opinion...

The number of cops, detectives, lawyers, prosecutors, jail wardens etc. on the take to fill the for profit prisons would horrify. It's epidemic.

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