Friday, November 25, 2016

Damn NASA!

At first, when I heard Trump's intention to stop funding NASA's work on climate change because it's become, you know, "politicized" and "politically correct" (meaning, I assume, "factual") I was pretty outraged. But then I read what his science adviser really said, and I felt a lot better. Because it's just that he thinks NASA should do deep space research and other agencies should do the climate stuff.

Which makes sense, because all those other agencies with satellites up there to gather the data can do the same... uh... job... because...


If science tells you stuff you don't want to believe, kill the science.

These are scary dangerous pig-headed stupid people and they could literally be the death of us all.

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Smoothtooperate said...

"These are scary dangerous pig-headed stupid people and they could literally be the death of us all."

Russia calls them "Useful idiots"...The most valuable propaganda tool.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Do the Russians not realize that this shit will affect them too, that thawing out Siberia will not so much "create more farmland" as "release enough sequestered methane to potentially plunge the Earth into Condition Venus"? I tell you, it's a sad day when the only way to let our leaders off the hook for dragging us into their suicide pact is to suspect them of being puppets on the strings of hostile ultraterrestrial entities.

Smoothtooperate said...

Neo Tux, "Russia" consists of a few hundred people. Chaos is Russas' best friend. They will promote chaos and weaken the govt. if not overthrow whole governments.

blogsnooper said...

"Condition Venus", what a great term.

People die in heat waves. Oh but wait, most of those are the elderly who are on their way out anyway. . . . did I actually read that somewhere or have I just been arguing with people on Faux news too often?

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