Monday, February 20, 2017

Good Choice for NSA

Sounds like this General McMaster guy is an excellent choice. So why the fk did Trump go first with an obvious nutjob like Flynn?

There's a certain amount of irony in Trump's leaning on generals, given his previous claims that he knows more than them. But what the heck. If McMaster is as smart and level-headed as is being said, it can only be to the good.

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blogsnooper said...

Well, this make two good picks -- McMaster and Mattis. Things are looking up. Sort of.

Sidney Schwab said...

Next question is, if McMaster provides the good advice Trump needs, will he listen? Or even ask for it?

blogsnooper said...

Yes, given Trump's penchant for removing those who disagree with him, this remains to be seen. I'm particularly interested in how things pan out with Mattis.

Smoothtooperate said...

We are slowly moving away from nuclear annihilation.

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