Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Go For It!

Michael Flynn isn't a small fish, but it's likely he has damning things to say about much bigger fish. If there's a certain amount of stickiness in one's craw at the idea, I'd say it's worth letting the guy off the hook, giving him immunity, to hear what he has to say and see what he has to show. Otherwise, it'll be a Fifth of nothing, or not much. CPP agrees and, as usual, says it better. But I'd come to the same conclusion well before reading this:
... Pay him. Give him whatever he wants. Give him immunity and a ride to Capitol Hill in a golden coach pulled by snow-white unicorns. Arrange for the Black Sea dacha if he wants. If this investigation is going to be in the up and up, and if it's going to go anywhere, Michael Flynn holds most of the cards.
There's zero doubt the Russians interfered with the election in hopes of tilting it toward Trump and, around the country, various Republicans. There's only slightly greater doubt that there was covert collusion between Team Trump and the Russians. The greatest public interest is served by acquiring everything that can be learned about it.

The prospect of liar and reprobate Mike "lock her up" Flynn going free is depressing. Much more so, though, if people still working in the Gold House and the Ovaltine Office were to walk.

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Dr Strangelove said...

The idea that Trump could have so many minions dancing with the Russians and yet be unaware of their activities is laughably ludicrous. Trump is a control freak. You don't have to cross him to feel his wrath or be out on the street. All that requires is careless freewheeling. Nobody on his campaign mentioned their Russian contact to him? Hahahaha...

It doesn't matter if the Russians initiated the contact, which probably happened with Manafort. It's clear from Trump's passionate Putin puppy love that he would have welcomed Russian it. Once aware of the contact, his urge to take control and give direction from his end would have been irresistible.

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