Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Political Courage. And Eloquence

These words are unassailable. And, quite aside from the specifics, they're, just for for their eloquence, passion, clarity, bravery, and truth, a much-needed reminder of how regrettably the country has settled for the opposite in D.C. It's sickening.

I'd never heard Mitch Landrieu speak before. Now I know what I've missed.


Mark V said...

This should be required listening in schools across the nation. It's such an important issue in many parts of America. The new county high school in West Virginia that replaced my alma mater let its students select a mascot in the late 1980's, and they chose "Rebels" complete with a confederate flag. This is in a state that seceded from Virginia because Virginia seceded from the USA! This insensitivity to the feelings of "the other" still rules in many enclaves of middle America, and threatens to last in perpetuity.

Fonzie said...

AWESOME! Thanks for putting this front and foremost as an example of a truly great American Leader. This guy is presidential! Thanks Sid. Mel

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