Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mine Eyes Have Seen

Sharia law, they scream. Christians are the most abused of all religions. Religion is under attack in America, they weep; they're coming for your gums.

Meanwhile, under Trump (who gives as much a shit about religion as he does about non-white Americans), our government is becoming an undisguised fundamentalist Christian theocracy, and it ought to be beyond worrisome to everyone, especially conservatives. If they were, in fact, actually conservative.

His latest nominee to the Federal bench thinks judges' religious beliefs should and do outweigh the law. And if that's not enough to scare the crap out of you (especially if you're a woman, or, for that matter, most other forms of human), how about the CIA becoming the enforcement arm of evangelical Christianity?

The only thing Trump's government is good at is prestidigitation: hey, look, there's voter fraud, they shout, waving ballots in your face, while with the other hand they're hiding the actual hacking of elections by Putin's pals. Oh, my, the Islams are gonna impose that Sharie stuff, they warn, as our government becomes biblically blind to the Constitution.

As a non-Christian, it gives me extra connection to the pit of my stomach. Because Trump and Trumpists no more believe in freedom of religious thought than they do in free and fair elections. Absent a great upheaval, a great awakening among the blind and deaf -- as likely as anthropogenic global cooling -- we're on our way back to the Middle Ages, in more ways than several.

And if Trump goes while Pence stays, it'll just be a change in the likeness of the Grand Inquisitor.

[Update: it looks like the claim about that judge may have been wrong. That's embarrassing. The CIA thing is real. So, now that you mention it, is the fact that that ousted Alabama supreme court justice, who refused to take down the Ten Commandments from his courthouse, is the likely next senator from there. So, a datum was wrong; the general point isn't.]

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Fonzirelli said...

prestidigitation, THANKS! Another new vocabulary word. Awesome! Cept there is no magic, its just BS for the really dumb ones to believe. Again, I sure enjoy this refining of your amazing cutting and dicing skills, you are good at both, political opponents and physical ailments/injuries. You go, Bro!!

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