Friday, June 8, 2012

Brew Ha Ha

So there's a big snit happening over the "leak," published in the NYT, that President Obama personally presides over the "kill list" for drone strikes, and that he approved last year's cyberattack on Iran. John McCain and his BFF Lindsey ("Butters") Graham and the rest of the RWS™ see it as a shocking and deliberate attempt, coming from the White House itself, to bolster Obama's anti-terror credentials. And I see the winger response as a deliberate attempt to distract people from recognizing that their current president's "war on terror" has been immeasurably more effective and astronomically less costly than that of his predecessor. (Unlike many on the left, these red-faced guys are perfectly happy with the idea of the attacks themselves, just not the idea of Obama getting credit, which is really at the heart of their faux outrage.)

In fact, I'd disagree with the idea of a deliberate "leak" only insofar as I think Mr Obama should have stood at his potusium and said it all outright. Why not? It neither changed anything about what has been and is going on, nor released any national security information (McCain's AOM* outrage and claims notwithstanding) to enemies that's not already obvious. He should take credit where it's due; as well as the negative reaction from his left.

So I just find it amusing, and can only hope there's more to come: as Rs continue to paint Obama as someone he's obviously not, once in a while he reminds everyone about that thing Rs so desperately hope to keep hidden: reality.

And the more that bitter sad remnant of his former self John McCain shakes his thin-skinned and wizened fist at it, the more people sit up and take notice.


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