Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Erasing All Doubt

From this day forward, it'll be distilled-water-clear to future generations, if there are any, who tried to prevent catastrophe and who demagogued the world into tragedy. If the right wing reaction to President Obama's plans to reduce carbon emissions was entirely predictable, word for word, it's no less horrifying.

Today's Republican party has truly become evil, an obstacle to progress, a rejector of reality and, for purely political purposes, a willing and willful destroyer of our future. This link provides but a sampling; a smaller sampling of which is below:

And there's more, here.

History, if it hasn't ended, will record that these people are no different, in any material way, from the Spanish Inquisitors, the Salem witch-hunters, the murderers of Socrates, the jailers of Bruno and Galileo. The preyers on weakness and delusion.

This is America. Twenty-first century America. Afraid. Stupid. Selfish. Short-sighted. Unwilling and unable to do anything hard, except for the occasional invasion, its ignorance created and manipulated by people who couldn't care less about anything but their most narrow self-interest. Playing the cheapest kind of politics with a far greater threat to our existence than any terrorist, or group thereof. It's unbelievable. How did it come to this? How can half of a formerly great country be so gullible, so easily persuaded to ignore reality? So goddam lazy and selfish?

On the planet, only Pakistan and Egypt are worse than US Republicans in climate change denial. If they were a country, they'd be third worst on Earth. Nice going, Teabaggers!

[Image source, worth a read in itself]

Today's Republican leaders are, without exception, soulless, amoral, cynical liars, as uncaring, deceitful, and self-centered as any humans have ever been. Being nice people, us liberals, maybe we should give them a little slack, though, and assume they can't help it; brain damage at birth, maybe. Or their parents beat or home-schooled them.

But what about the voters who elected them to office, and keep them there? What about them?

[Image source]

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