Friday, June 1, 2012


You can disagree with his policies, like rescuing the auto industry or stimulating the economy; you can have issues with trying to provide affordable health care, or with ending the war in Iraq, drawing down in Afghanistan. You can prefer budgets that cut spending on education and health and infrastructure and research and environmental protection in order to increase spending on aircraft carriers and to lower taxes on the very wealthy. And, sure, you can be irate over making birth control available, or supporting equality for gays. But you have to be frigging insane to see in President Obama some sort of evil anti-religion America-hater.

If you do, after watching the above video -- not to mention observing him over the past three-and-a-half years, you really need to lie down and take a nice long nap. And, if you don't mind the suggestion, keep on sleeping until the election is over.


Frank Drackman said...

Might wanta check the expiration date on that Namenda...
Cause you left out "Killed(bin laden)more(bin laden)terrorists(bin laden) than W, Chaney, and Rumsfeld combined"
"Git-Mo still chock' full O' A-rabs"
and if "Supporting Equality for Gays" means leaving it to the States, count me in...
Too bad a certain RepubicKKKlan in 1860 didn't do that.


Sky Minor said...

Although I wanted him to stop.the bailout cycles and he didn't, I am overall content with POTUS first term. I dont see how he could not have a 2nd term. Hopefully well get to see more of the same. Sky Minor

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