Friday, August 31, 2012

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Wonder if he wore his pressed jeans to this event:

Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign toasted its top donors Wednesday aboard a 150-foot yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.

The floating party, hosted by a Florida developer on his yacht "Cracker Bay," was one of a dozen exclusive events meant to nurture those who have raised more than $1 million for Romney's bid.

"I think it's ironic they do this aboard a yacht that doesn't even pay its taxes," said a woman who lives aboard a much smaller boat moored at the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina.


The event ... appeared on no public calendars...

I really can't say: is this monumental arrogance, or simple stupidity; is this stuff so normal in Romneyworld that they don't give it a moment's thought? Is avoiding taxes, having no sense of responsibility or obligation to exceptional America -- a matter of pride? Do they pat themselves on the back, thinking only suckers pay taxes?

For any true conservative, anyone who claims to love this country, to vote for these guys is to relinquish any claim on honesty or concern for our future. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote to enable a brand of cynicism that should have no place in our government, a level of denialism and mendacity that's unprecedented, that cashes in our future survival as a nation for their immediate greed. It's undeniable. Seriously. These are horrible people. They need to be rejected, and their party needs to regain its sanity, for the good of us all. It would make all of us better.

Only voters can make it happen, and only time will tell if it's already too late. I don't think that's hyperbole: With its rank dishonesty, its pigheaded unwillingness to compromise, its trading rationality for religion, its deliberate appeal to the basest of its base while hiding billionaires controlling their message for their own purposes, today's Republican party is dragging us away from democracy. (I'd have followed "dragging" with "kicking and screaming," but, clearly, their perfectly propagandized followers think they're being taken to Disneyland. I've always found political conventions to be silly at best, no matter what party. But the spectacle of deliberate lying, the same lies repeated over and over, being cheered as if it were truth at this year's RNC is as bad as it gets.)

I know I'm repeating myself, and descending far into blatherdom. But how can you not? This is America now: a land of liars and denialists, still claiming exceptionalism as if the word applies any more, and only needs the saying to be true.


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  2. The convention was was a breath of fresh air ...reminding me of how America used to be before, hateful ...racist accusing at every turn, lying,downward spiral. We've been struggling with seriously escalating electric and oil bills, gas, food, etc. Unbelievable.

    I have been so upset with the president never speaking out against the black panthers when they threatened the life of the man that shot Treyvon (sp?)in Florida.

    And I am absolutely upset and disgusted with all the people that call republicans racists for the most ridiculous things. It seems to me that the very populations they claim they want to help ...they want to stay angry and poor in stead of them succeeding.

    If you disagree with the president - you're racist. I don't even think of his color when I disagree with his policy. I shudder to think what he meant when he told Putin to wait until he got elected. We are perceived weakly around the world.

    The excellent speeches at the RNC convention spoke to things I have believed all my life. And I believe it resonated withing a many more people across this country. Now I am 100% on board and feeling good about it with Romney. I am registered as a republican, but initially registered independent and only reason I changed was so I could vote in local elections. I am an independent at heart.

    I am so sick of hearing about wanting to see his taxes. You KNOW the guy is squeaky clean, gave away what his inheritance from his father and gives generously.

    But ..I DON'T Care if he is rich. Hooray for SUCCESS! I didn't care that Kerry was filthy rich. Or that Pelosi, Obama are also rich. I don't care if rich people shelter their money. Don't you? If no one is breaking the law why can't they try to maximize their assets.

    Yet ..they put a tax CHEAT in charge of the treasury. No problem with that. You have to see the duplicity here. ? The carbon foot prints - all the flying around in jets. ?

    I LOVE Ryan. never paid attention before and I would much rather have HIM working on mdcr than what this administration does. They LIED about the cost of this health care bill. (Never mind they didn't read it/didn't know what was in it and forced it thru against the will of the majority of Americans _ I will never get past that)And even if you don't agree with Ryan - at least he has worked on and proposed something.

    I turn on the reg news channels and cnn (never bother with msnbc - they are a joke in the news world)and cannot stand how I see the negative spin on something that I watched and saw something totally different.

    The most horrible (well aside from the escalating energy prices that this administration does NOT care about)..okay ..still more horrible in the larger picture is the racist attacks. It is sickening and divisive. And WRONG. The ONLY people talking that way are dems and I think to be bringing it up so much shows their true racist colors. And it HURTS everyone in the end. And that is all they have. Show your taxes and your party is racist. It's so old now it is losing the importance it should have when their is a genuine racist situation. they can only cry wolf so many times.

    I am soooo looking forward to the DNC and the debates.

  3. And the war on women?


    Stop it already.

    More trumped up nonsense.

    I was raised to think I was personally responsible to pay for my own birth control. the idea that a Georgetown law student doesn't have the presence of mind to secure her own birth control? Ludicrous.

    What about the dems lack of respect for women. Do you recall all the horrible names republican women have been called? Where was the president asking for civility then? I like Clinton. I do. But ..I hate that he took advantage of his young intern. yes she was also responsible, but no doubt she was taken with his position of power, etc., and he was the responsible person. Then he was willing to feed her to the dogs. It was wrong.

    he's charming and so I get sucked in to it and like him and we all make mistakes. I am just pointing out the discrepancy here.

    I have absolutely hated seeing how this country has been going down the tubes these last few years. never in my LIFE have I seen such a divisive president. I barely remember Carter ..other than he botched the Iran situation back then. Our country has never appeared so weak around the world and that is dangerous. I LOVED Condoleeza's speech.

    I also loved the video with the Hispanic politicians reaching out, encouraging, Susana Martinez, Gov of NM (great story), and RUBIO - WOW - another rising star. Interesting that Hispanics tend to have conservative values, but vote democratic. So, I found Susana's story particularly interesting that she didn't know ..they actually had conservative values, but always voted the dem party line. I wonder how many others are like that?

    I also couldn't help thinking that leaders in Russia, Iran, Syria, etc, watching this must've thought they better get things done now ...BEFORE Mitt gets in. I am sure they don't want him to win. And our allies are anxious to have him get in.

    And if nothing else mattered ..comparing Obama/Biden to Romney/Ryan (Batman/Robin:)...I absolutely, 100% believe Batman/Robin ...I mean Romney/Ryan have the more sound financial plans and are certainly more capable of turning our fiscal situation around for the better.So many good thoughts about them. :)

    When my husband woke up, I told him I recorded the convention speeches and that for the first time in a long time ...I felt like I was hearing about the America I grew up in. REFRESHING!

    No wonder people from all around the world wanted and still do want to live here.

    I am only 2nd/3rd generation American. And my husband's maternal family has been here since the 1600s. (Interesting story:)

    I hope you have a FABULOUS Labor Day Weekend Dr S. :)

  4. Quite a list of reasons, Seaspray. New Black Panthers at the top. (You should read about them from other sources; you'd find it interesting.)

    So you LOVE Paul Ryan. Do you love the fact that he'll increase military spending, cut taxes on the wealthy, at the expense of education, consumer protection, food stamps, school lunches? Are those your priorities, really? I'm not making it up, you know. Don't you think that stuff will adversely affect our future?

    "They" lied about his Medicare plans? Who? The Congressional Budget Office? Reagan's former economic adviser, Bruce Bartlett?

    Mitt Romney is "squeaky clean." Really? A guy who's changed positions on every significant issue? Because, as required, he tithes? I agree the tax thing isn't all that important, except he's the one that made it so: his father set the standard. If his are "squeaky clean," why is he the first to refuse to release them? If it's a distraction, still, since he's the only one, you gotta consider the possibility that there's stuff he doesn't want you to know.

    Honestly, you seem to focus exactly on the stuff the RWS™ want you to, and ignore the impact of the policies Rs are espousing. Which, of course, is just what they want. You're their intended audience, Seaspray, I hate to say it.

    You can prove me wrong if you discuss specific policies -- include climate change, social security, Medicare vouchers, military spending, education spending -- and argue on that basis. It's what I do. (Sure, with the occasional snark thrown in.)

  5. Ah, SSWoman in full cry again; it's been a long time since you emerged from under that rock:

    "And I am absolutely upset and disgusted with all the people that call republicans racists for the most ridiculous things"

    After all who hasn't thrown peanuts at a black woman, (in the midst of the republican convention) while saying "This is how we feed the animals?"

    Ridiculous, how can anyone call that racist?

    "I am so sick of hearing about wanting to see his taxes. You KNOW the guy is squeaky clean"

    This was the guy who led a screaming gang attack on a kid in high school - who looked gay! But he doesn't remember doing that!

    This was the guy whose father gave him a state police uniform and badge, which he used to stop motorists to scare them "for fun"

    Here's how "squeaky clean" RoMoneys Bain operated - the short version:

    See it @:

    "When taking over a company" Romney and Bain avoided the hostile approach, preferring to secure the cooperation of their takeover targets by buying off a company’s management with lucrative bonuses. Once management is on board, the rest is just math. So if the target company is worth $500 million, Bain might put down $20 million of its own cash, then borrow $350 million from an investment bank to take over a controlling stake.

    But here’s the catch. When Bain borrows all of that money from the bank, it’s the target company that ends up on the hook for all of the debt"

    Then the article goes on to explain how Rmoney whipsawed the investors and the government to bail out his failing corporate raid venture.

    Here's the long version:

    Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital


    "The convention was a breath of fresh air ..."

    If you are into sniffing the aroma of garbage cans!

    I stand in awww... of your ability to do all three of the monkeys - SeeNo, HearNo, and SpeakNo while simultaneously hanging by your tail and flinging feces.

    The only squeaky sound we hear, is produced by the furious scrubbing idiots like you are doing to burnish this idol of yours, the one with clay feet!


  6. Okay, not a war on women. A war on women's rights. It was pretty funny to see conventioneers responding to questions about how they feel that Romney is okay with abortion in cases of rape, incest, health of mother. They say he should be free to choose; they believe in free choice. Really, they said that.

    So no response on policy, eh? Just the paranoid stuff about racism and women. Okay, then. What about the lies that Ryan told in the speech you loved; you know, the ones even a Fox writer called egregious? Not a problem for you? And the economic effects of his plans? Peachy? You'd rather focus on whether there's a war on women?


  7. I failed to mention the most important issue, Seaspray: Mitt Romney has based his entire campaign on lies. You know this: it's undeniable, and I've written about it here, factually, too many times to ignore.

    If you plan to vote for him (you do, obviously, just as the Koch brothers have hoped and spent millions to get you to do it) you must agree that we need to spend 4% of our gross national product on the military, that we must cut taxes on the wealthy, and that do pay for it, we must cut spending on the needy, on our kids, on education, on environmental protection, on consumer protection; that global warming is a lie.

    And you must have decided it's okay that Romney repeats lies that have been thoroughly disproved, and that he says he's not gonna let fact-checkers keep him from lying. The lies? Obama apologizes for America. He gutted welfare. He said "you didn't build that" and meant that entrepeneurs didn't build their businesses. He hasn't signed any free trade agreements.

    You have to have decided all that stuff is okay with you, no matter the lies, no matter the choice to defund the things American needs to succeed. Tell me where I'm wrong; tell me why that's all okay with you.

  8. SeaSpray, I used to think you had a grip on reality. My mistake, you live in that alternate universe of right-wing spin. And try as hard as I can to understand it's existence, I just don't.

    "If you disagree with the president - you're racist. I don't even think of his color when I disagree with his policy." Me, either. But I seem to remember that if I didn't agree with Pres. W about the war with Iraq, I was UnAmerican. That is a big load of hurting to folks who knew the war was spun.

    "I am so sick of hearing about wanting to see his taxes. You KNOW the guy is squeaky clean, gave away what his inheritance from his father and gives generously." Yes, it's generous to give away an inheritance--when one already has enough for oneself. But the tax thing, ya know, I don't question that his returns are in order. I'd like to see how the very wealthy, ok, freaking RICH people can avoid paying the same rate as the rest of us. Let's see how the tax codes work.

    "I was raised to think I was personally responsible to pay for my own birth control. the idea that a Georgetown law student doesn't have the presence of mind to secure her own birth control? Ludicrous." This is so ridiculous. Ms Fluke was explaining that insurance should pay for people that might not be able to afford that for oneself, particularly if a common med is not applicable do to other health reasons. (You don't mention him but, Limbaugh was beyond rude. He was unhinged! Apparently he must have thought that every time a woman has sex she needs a pill! Get a clue, Rush!) As to securing your own contraceptives, did you use PP? I did.

    to be continued...


  9. And so onto more SeaSpray rebuttal:

    "And even if you don't agree with Ryan - at least he has worked on and proposed something." Oh, I agree. He does have some balls. He provided a budget that I'd hoped was buried and dead. Right when he throws those of us 45 to 55 under the bus! (I imagine that would be the testing ground of the vouchers that insurance companies will have the most fun with, before it's readdressed.)

    "We've been struggling with seriously escalating electric and oil bills, gas, food, etc. Unbelievable." "I barely remember Carter .." If Carter's ideas on alternative energy were still policy we would be independent of foreign oil today, and possibly self-sufficient WITH NO OIL at all. Alternative fuels, all the hippy-dippy stuff like wind, solar and water would have fueled a rebirth away from fossil fuel. Do you ever think ahead, that maybe we should conserve oil and use renewable sources?

    "I felt like I was hearing about the America I grew up in. REFRESHING!" Yeah, me, too. I loved that part. There is so much of America I would love to see back, the nostalgia stuff. My old Dodge Demon 340 4bbl, local drugstores and grocery stores, American-made products, TV on only 3 channels, riding a bike or exploring all day--since you weren't to come home until lunch or supper--sense of home. (And this from a latchkey kid before it was common! "Cause my mom was divorced when I was around 10---'70)

    Wow, 3 hrs working on this, shows how much I shouldn't be a writer, but GEEZ, SeaSpray, you live in that alternate universe I used to dream of, along with the Waltons. Get out of the local and start checking out other media. My fav, would be REM. Just a suggestion.


  10. Shoot, I need to agree with Dr Schwab on this, I was just addressing your comments. Sorry.

    Ryan lies. Romney Lies. All are available to see.

    Pres Obama has not lied. The future is in flux, you choose your path.


  11. By the by...SSWoman, you never did reply to the article I posted about repeated instances of Bush's lies.

    I gave you many opportunities to come clean, but you never seemed to get around to reading the evidence I offered.

    But... that's all in the past - Bush is an un-person now, even in your own party; (I know, I know… you’re an ‘Independent’ – a republican too ashamed to admit it) but good riddance to bad rubbish right?

    Now we know that like all good republicans you worship Jesus – and hate Satan, and as a Christian Republican, you understand that lies are the tools of Satan.

    So here is another opportunity for you to stand up for the truth!

    Tell us, does it trouble you that Romney claims he can’t remember personally inciting, and leading a gang to attack a defenseless kid – an attack witnessed by many students?

    What do you think about his impersonation of a police officer? For fun!

    Ryan implied that the factory that closed down in his hometown was due to a promise that Obama broke; when in fact, it closed under the Bush regime that praised GM for behaving responsibly by shutting it down.

    Yes the factory shut down, but all half-truths are complete lies; you know that right?

    And now it turns out that Ryan lied about running a marathon in under three hours, when in fact it took him over four hours. He says he ‘misremembered – until reporters from Runner’s World asked about it.


    What do you think about all these faulty remembrances and total lies? Do they speak to the character of Romney and Ryan?

    Give us your Christian truth!


  12. And now it seems Ryan is saying that he wasn't referring to the marathon where a 4 hour+ time was recorded for Paul (D - nial) Ryan, but some OTHER marathon where Ryan completed his 2 hour+ run - but somehow the time wasn't recorded and neither was his name.

    What a shame! All that effort, all that training to accomplish a great run, and it was all LOST (the records, the numbers, the finishing photos) by bumbling officials. I guess??

    Does his brother remember Ryan's 2 hour+ run? He sure remembers the 4-hour+ run, and taunts Ryan at the dinner table about it - you know how brothers are!


  13. Here's a partial, but quite long, list of Squeaky Clean's lies. Read it and report back, if you will, SeaSpray.

  14. Read this too SSWoman:

    Fmr. Bush strategist calls out Paul Ryan over convention speech lies

    "Matthew Dowd, President George W. Bush’s former chief strategist, on Sunday said that Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan “so stretched the truth” during his convention speech by suggesting that President Barack Obama was responsible for a GM plant that closed before he took office."


    And please, no more of your "No Good Scotsman" defense B.S. OK - This time you are really nailed!


  15. I'm sorry haven't taken time to respond and only can briefly now.

    "Ah, SSWoman in full cry again; it's been a long time since you emerged from under that rock:

    Here we go - I've never been unkind to a person in here ..yet the insults start. live under a rock, hanging by a tail ..flinging feces? Lovely Eugene. You made my point. I rest my case.

    "And I am absolutely upset and disgusted with all the people that call republicans racists for the most ridiculous things"

    After all who hasn't thrown peanuts at a black woman, (in the midst of the republican convention) while saying "This is how we feed the animals?"

    Ridiculous, how can anyone call that racist?

    Oh my gosh - how did I not see this? Thank you for the ENLIGHTENMENT! How could I have been so blinded? Of course those TWO IGNORANT and Disgusting people are republicans who represent the ENTIRE republican party! Thank you for that V-8 moment! :)

    "I am so sick of hearing about wanting to see his taxes. You KNOW the guy is squeaky clean"

    This was the guy who led a screaming gang attack on a kid in high school - who looked gay! But he doesn't remember doing that!

    I actually didn't believe that because I think we all remember most things that happen back then.

    This was the guy whose father gave him a state police uniform and badge, which he used to stop motorists to scare them "for fun"

    I hardly hold these things against him - things done in his youth. My gosh ..even goody two shoes me threw eggs at cars and a picture window that wobbled once (which scared me into never doing it again)and haven't MOST of us done things we were ashamed of or certainly wouldn't do as adults or maybe even from 10 years ago.

    *Of course it doesn't matter if Obama did a little blow and whatever else he's bragged about.

    You know - that double standard/pass the press gives him?

    And again ...people change.

    Petty stuff.

    There is no question in my mind that we are WOrSE off than when he came into office.

    Again ...I could care less about his taxes, he has done a lot of good in his life, he has plenty of business experience, he has saved/created companies (Staples comes to mind), and you are going to have losses at times.

    And he ABSOLUTELY has more business sense than Obama.

  16. I laughed out loud when I saw at the convention they say they are uniting the country. OMGOSH! There is so much news feed and not all from fox that would demonstrate (no pun intended) otherwise. He is THE-MOST-DIVISIVE-PRESIDENT I have ever seen or learned of. Lincoln and Martin Luther KIng would be rolling over in their graves if they knew how low the this president and the current democratic party has sunk with all the racism accusations (Talk about flinging feces) and I believe that when November comes we will see just how tired of all of this the voting public is.

    NO - We are not better off with Obama these last almost 4 years.
    And now they compare Ryan to a Nazi. Really. Going to compare him to what the real Nazis did to SIX MILLION JEWS in concentration camps? That is an insult to ALL Jewish people ever tortured,starved, experimented on, used for lampshades, killed or ever under the power of that evil regime.

    I can't even take people that talk like this seriously OR a president who ostensibly called for civility, but NEVER tells his party or the black panthers to stop it. No he's too busy letting them try to do his dirty work and creating FAUX wars when the AMERICAN people are HURTING and our country is TANKING.

    To have a convention and election strategy telling people we are better off than 4 years ago is an INSULT. And a LIE. And they always say actions speak louder than words. Well we struggling Americans are living the reality of being WORSE off (I can list why) while they look at us and tell us we are better off.

    I don't care about the dog on the roof, 2 years taxes,his teenage past, mistakes, but I do care about his successes and character, and oh can see his college records.

    I want to see Americans back to work, stronger militarily NO PROMISES TO PUTIN TO WAIT UNTIL AFTER HE IS ELECTED. That is just scary and just WHAT does he plan to give away to the Russians?
    Then there is not backing Israel, too weak with the Iranians.

    Eugene - I did not look up the Bush references because I didn't care. I did not agree with his spending, but I would take him any day over Obama.

  17. Well Dr S - I'll let you decided if my only sources are as you suggest by providing a link for something I was reading today. I think you and your commenters will find this interesting and even Eugene if he get get his mind away long enough - from monkeys hanging by their tails flinging feces and rock dwellers.

    02:22 here and have to be out early. I'll come back to answer BL.

  18. How about answering MY questions, Seaspray: the ones about the effects of the R/R budgets. Because that is what you'll be voting for, in the end. About the blatant lies.

    Or, if you can't, then explain in what ways we're worse off now than when Obama took over? Specifically.

  19. P.S. Seaspray, to the extent that you can point to ways in which the US is worse off than in 2009, tell us how much you think R blocking of D legislation has to do with it. If you need a list, I'll be happy to provide it.

  20. Dr S - You didn't put the link up I provided for one of my news sources.

    How do you and your readers feel about this? Even Cusack condemns the press for not reporting as they should. And states why Obama is WORSE (EMPHASIS MINE)than Bush in certain things. You can't make a fair assessment without all the facts. I only wish I could've highlighted some of it.

    I have a feeling more dems will be voting for Romney than anyone realizes. Certainly independents will.

    John Cusack Interviews Law Professor Jonathan Turley About Obama Administration’s War On the Constitution:

  21. So what you're saying, Seaspray, is that you don't intend to answer my questions about the budget. The economy, after all, is supposed to be the most important thing, right? That's what R/R tell us.

    As to John Cusack's comments, you're saying you're agreeing that Obama shouldn't have continued Bush's policies, yes? Were you against them then, too? And you don't like the fact that Obama has killed even more terrorists than Bush? Good to know.

    Any other ways we're worse off? The stock market at 6500? Losing 750,000 jobs per month when Obama took over? The war in Iraq? The auto industry? Are the millions covered by Obamacare worse off? Are you worse off because of it?

    So, when you vote for the squeaky-clean liar and position-changer on every moral and political issue there is, it'll be because you like the idea of cutting taxes on the very wealthy, raising them on yourself, spending more on aircraft carriers and lest on schools, health care, roads, research, consumer protection, and still increasing the debt? Or am I missing something?

    Please, Seaspray; leave the peripheral stuff for just a moment, and address those issues. Because if Romney wins, that's what'll happen. You're good with it?

  22. P.S. After you said I didn't publish one of your comments, I found you're right: I'm supposed to get email notification when a comment has been submitted, so I looked and there were ten of them of which I hadn't been notified, including ones from several other people. Having found them, I published them. Sorry about that.

    The Blogger/Google platform pisses me off, frequently.

  23. I said: This was the guy who led a screaming gang attack on a kid in high school - who “looked gay!” But he doesn't remember doing that! You replied: “I actually didn't believe *that* because I think we all remember most things that happen back then.”

    Interesting: Police and psychiatrists recognize “that” - used, as you have - as a distancing word; you used “that” because you just could not say, “I think Mitt lied.” As in “ I didn’t have sex with “that” woman.” But I digress. You make my point for me! Yes, people do remember, you remembered throwing eggs and Obama remembered smoking a joint. But Romney doesn’t remember leading savage beating!

    You didn’t believe him, (he lied right?) you let it go, then, later, you conflated “memory loss’ and the impersonation – and dismissed both with “I hardly hold these things against him” “Hardly”, is there anything you would hold against him, or any other empty suit, purchased by billionaires?

    You make a false comparison: Impersonating a police officer is a serious felony; it is not comparable to Obama smoking a joint - or even your lamented egg throwing. At least you learned from your single egg outing; Romney didn’t.

    His actions show his contempt for law and a willingness to usurp authority to gratify his greed for power. He got away with it because he was the son of a governor. Any other man’s son would have done jail time and had a record for the rest of his life. So, what does it say about his character as an “ADULT?”

    You say, “haven't MOST of us done things we were ashamed of?” MOST of us have not beaten helpless people or impersonated a cop. Has Romney said he was ashamed? You’re apologizing for him? Republicans always wink at serious offenses committed by the powerful.

    I note your silence on Ryan’s present day adult lies! The Obama factory closure, Ryan’s fabulous marathon, his vote for TARP, the 716 billion Obama wants to cover by cutting waste and fraud from Medicare that Ryan himself proposes to replace with vouchers and he would make up the cuts by squeezing from reimbursement payments to hospitals and insurers – who would then squeeze the middle class. All that to by the way, so Ryan and Romney can give billionaires more tax cuts.

    Those “TWO IGNORANT and disgusting people aren’t the only racists in the republican party. But, they felt safe throwing peanuts at a black woman. Why? Racism was in the air they were breathing at that convention. It’s in the air you breathe when you refer to black people, as “Populations” … of people who behave badly toward those who try to help them.

    Let’s hear your opinion about the other racist, sexist bigoted republicans who reply “Amen!” To dog whistling references to “Negrohoods”, who send out “pictures of Obama carrying a spear, eating watermelon, or chicken; who are unsure that the president is a citizen saying, “he might have been born in Africa.”

    I have never heard criticism from you for any republican; not “funny” little Glen Beck, Rush or even Huckabee “a good Christian man.”

    Name some people who are ignorant and disgusting in your party. You say the peanut throwers are “No Good Scotsmen” or representative of the Republican Party. Whereas, actually, they and all the other dog whistlers are very representative of the “Base” (in every sense of the word) of today’s republican party;

    The screamers, the shooters, and haters are one side of the republican coin; the other side includes people like you; a kinder, gentler strain of polite racism, blind loyalty and a willingness to overlook or defend the indefensible in a candidate – all to win.

    Prove me wrong and I will apologize and agree to disagree with you.

    You say: “Eugene - I did not look up the Bush references because I didn't care.”

    Oh! A V-8 moment for me!!! You don’t care!

    Which is to say you didn’t care if your President lied; and that explains why you don’t care if the present candidate lies. Winning is the only thing that counts for you – whatever it takes, Right?

    That’s why I have contempt for you.


  24. Eugene - you continue to prove my point about hate. Sad.

    I would never condone bad things, but it is in the past. And neither of us KNOW what he was thinking. he should've just said he was sorry. But again ..we don't know.

    Btw - Ted Kennedy - Chappaquiddick? Seems everyone looked away then? And that woman and her baby died. he didn't report the accident?

    Oh and let's not forget people "EVOLVE." It's okay if you evolve right? If it suits your views.

    Actually, Eugene we all make mistakes ...some worse than others.

    I do not play that game. I hated when lefties brought up the dog on the roof. And I hate that Hannity has often mentioned Obama stating he ate a dog. Our dogs have always been family and I think to most people in America they are. but Obama was SIX yrs old and it was the culture. That would never keep me from voting for him.

    And I think it is between pathetic and amusing the way both sides pander to certain demographics.

    I do not care about anything than if they could run the country and I still think r/r team is more qualified.

    Obama says his job is incomplete and wants more time - I shudder to think what will happen if he continues as he has thus far.

    He himself said he shouldn't be reelected if he doesn't do what he said.

    Your comments about racism are so off the wall and untrue - but again ...prove EXACTLY my point when I first commented about racism in here higher up in the comments.

    But republicans just do not cry racist around every corner ...they do not.

    Did YOU read this link:

    John Cusack Interviews Law Professor Jonathan Turley About Obama Administration’s War On the Constitution:

  25. Still waiting, SeaSpray. Still waiting.

  26. Dr S - I am not intentionally ignoring anyone. I'm not feeling well and I have a lot of things I am trying to get done by a deadline and shouldn't have gotten into this. But, I'm here. And jobs/economy/energy prices/military/foreign affairs very important.

    NOT dogs on car roofs or eaten,more than two yrs taxes and other distractions.

    Then that HORRIBLE cancer commercial where he was accused of being responsible for a woman's death. Did you agree with that?

    I think we will all see a lot in the debates. Looking forward to it.

    I am not budget savvy, but I do know that this is not working. Not getting into it tonight.

    As to John Cusack's comments, you're saying you're agreeing that Obama shouldn't have continued Bush's policies, yes? Were you against them then, too? And you don't like the fact that Obama has killed even more terrorists than Bush? Good to know.

    No. I linked it because you always say I only use conservative sources. Plus that was so interesting because Cusack is so liberal and he really takes Obama to task there. Even saying worse than Bush. Honesty - refreshing. And you have written how you were disappointed with some things and so this isn't a surprise except you didn't write about all those things.

    And I greatly appreciated that someone from the left actually stated the press ignores these things for obama. That has been so obvious sine 2008 to me ..except it's even worse. I think FOX has the highest ratings ..not because people are stupid. I think it is because people saw just what my husband and I did. I told you we watched only MSnBC every night since before 2000. We especially looked forward to Chris Matthews. Then in 04 ...I saw how he and Keith Olberman were awful regarding Bush when we knew better and keith particularly hateful. We also flipped on CNN every so often and then went to FOX. My husband is more liberal, but he is fed up too now with the reporting and also this president. He was for him in 08. Anyway ..people aren't stupid and they see more honest reporting on FOX. There are big stories that the stations don't pick up until they have to because FOX did. We will have to agree to disagree on that. But abc,nbc,cbs,pbs - in the tank with helping Obama. We watch cnn and fox.

    I supported Bush. As far as killing the terrorists ..I am torn. We could also be forever losing information that would help us capture/thwart more terrorists if we could interrogate them.

    What did you think of the piece?

    Going to try to answer one of BL a bit. You all are asking questions and I am just one SeaSpray. :)

  27. Hi BL - rw spin? And there isn't any left wing spin? I see both parties regurgitate their talking points on show after show nauseam ...when an issue comes up. they didn't used to do that and now it is so obvious you can see how they try to change the truth. And often ..racist is attached to the left spin - when something they think they can attach it to comes up. It so obvious tho. And Biden and others get passes for their gaffs with the press, but oh if a republican does it the stations are fast and furiously reporting it as gospel that they are dangerous, racist and should be removed. Thankfully the left no longer has the monopoly on the news. The left has more TV stations and I think the R has more radio ..although, not sure how many people follow talk radio.

    I agree with you Bl ...that calling someone unpatriotic because they disagree is wrong. People have fought and died so they could freely speak out.

    Yes easier to give when wealthy than when you're the widow giving her last mite. But he wasn't hoarding it. I don't care about his tax breaks anynmore than I care about Pelosi or who is that Billionaire on the left he contributes. I don't care about the Clinton's taxes or any rich person. You know they ALL have accountants that advise them where to invest, etc. And I do believe that people with money invest back into the economy creating more jobs.

    I am also really curious to see how some republican governors have turned their states around financially, creating surpluses. Could it be they are on to something? Could that carry over federally? They did something right.

    Rush was wrong and when I heard it I instantly disagreed. he apologized. people on the left have said VILE things about republican women and press doesn't care. Rush did it and they all want him off the air. is that fair?

    And I am not Catholic, but I was really upset when obama care was going to force Catholic institutions to comply with that. That would've been so wrong, but thankfully the president backed off.

    If by PP you mean planned parenthood ...yes once when younger because I didn't want my aunt knowing I was seeing a gynecologist.

    And regarding women's rights - Romney is not against abortion in case of incest or rape or life of the mother. I believe he was really a moderate and had to be to work with the dems in MA. I am pro life but certainly would make those exceptions. VEHEMENTLY against partial birth abortions and leaving babies to die without helping them in any way. :(

    I will come back to answer your second part bl.

    Oh and I had a used 1971 Dodge Challenger that I just LOVED. I got it 3 yrs old when I was 19. Ha! Someone told me I looked like the Dodge girl in it. I felt like it! Bygone days ... :)

  28. I think you can save your time with respect to my questions. Nothing will change your mind. You say you're not budget savvy, but it's not working. You mean reversing the massive job losses of Bush? You mean the stock market recovery, increasing home values, the auto industry? So you're willing to return to the exact policies that got us to the brink, except more so: even more tax cuts, less regulation, more military spending, along with drastic cuts in education, etc... You're not "savvy?" As important a decision as it is, how hard could it be to try?

    Seriously, you make claims of what you believe but you ignore the actual facts of what is and isn't going on, and what R/R want to do. You say you don't like talking about dogs, but you're fine talking about the non-entity of the NBPP.

    It's a brick wall. You prefer to believe rather than to understand; you repeat RWS™ talking points while claiming it's Obama that's devisive.

    I give you facts, you respond with beliefs. It's not that you're different from those on your side, of course.

    Without education, without being willing to invest in its people, what will be left of America for the next generation? I'd say "ask yourself," but you won't.

    I do appreciate your willingness to engage, though, I really do. The other conservatives have slunk back under their beds, leaving their arguments in the dust.

  29. I want to apologize to you Eugene.

    I am sorry I was sarcastic. I've lived most of my life choosing my words - NOT wanting to hurt/anger anyone. Not that I don't have the thoughts ..I just prefer to not be that way. Words stick with us when hurtful.

    But sometimes really can be mean with words and way ...way off base. And there is nothing wrong with using the word "population" describing demographics. That is the FIRST time I ever heard that. It is used to describe other than Latino and black demographics. The developmentally disabled population. Penguin population. Whatever.

    And the racist thing causes me see red now because I am just fed up with it and so many people are and why we feel this has been a divisive presidency ...although Sharpton and Jackson, etc have been around a long time. And no one in the press ever calls them on it after they've ruined innocent people's lives. Duke University comes to mind. and I'm beginning to feel like Richard Dryfuss in "What About Bob?" ..ready to snap and go nutty.

    NOOOO ...Dr S - this isn't proof conservatives are angry nuts, but my attempt at humor in a frustrating situation. I am afraid to see what happens after the conventions. I may just get a pad and mark down every time I see/hear a racist comment ...laughing crazily every time. Maybe I'll even develop a twitch like inspector Drefuss in the old Pink Panther movies every time inspector Cluseau made him aggravated him. maybe I will end up tapping out codes for blogging from a padded room if the racist stuff doesn't stop. I'm KIDDING - I am of sound mind. ;)

  30. My postings didn't become as broad--point by point--as I wished. I look forward to SeaSpray addressing me. Bring it

  31. Once again my comment notifications are out of whack, and a couple of Seaspray's comments, and bl's weren't emailed to me, so I just found and posted them. Which is why bl's came before Seaspray's responses were there.

    Well, you do drive me crazy, SS. Are you kidding about Biden? His gaffes are all over the media when they happen. This paranoia about the media is RWS™ stuff; besides which, it's beside the point.

    If you can't bring yourself to address the effects of the policies they're advocating, then it says something pretty sad about your choice of R/R. By the way, you're aware that your party's platform says no abortions, no exceptions, right?

    But the most important issue, which you avoid, is the economic impact. If you refuse to consider it, you're no better than Rush. In fact, you're handing him your money, and my kid's future.

  32. Tired but must add about Biden's gaffes. "put y'all back in chains"...I cringed, said, Oh, Joe, not good. But he does that stuff a lot. He mis-speaks. But it's Joe Biden, he has a history of that. Doesn't take away from the point he was making. Just an unthinking way to put it. And all media was on it. All Joe's gaffes are covered. And others , too.

    (Darn it, you owned the car I really wanted. The Demon was all I could find, it was 5 yrs old and I miss it forever. Would love one of the new retro Challengers, they scream Dodge muscle at me...darn it, we have something in common.) bl


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